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  1. With all plunder bonuses and the new eb I would guess between 1.5 and 2 bill by the top guys

  2. Thanks 
  3. I would guess even more, using both crux bonuses and a br bonus, I made around 700mil first hit, and I'm not even close to bc. Factoring in 50% ee bonus, 15% br bonus, 300% from both cruxes, then the end of event plunder bonus, bc would probably easily make over 4bil first hit.
  4. Any lb spy builds ??
  5. Chaos. LCBC Hansel.
  6. Should I save up and upgrade all my SoS to lvl 3 all at once, or uprgrade one at a time?
  7. Upgrade them one at a time to level 3.
  8. What's better early game? Forges or subterranean factories?
  9. Forges. Then replace most with subteranean factories, will very quickly be able to get t4
  10. forges, skip the sub factories :)
  11. Always skip t3 as you won't get much use from them as you replace them so quick now
  12. Anyone know where I can find all the abyss land prices ?
  13. @onesy. Forums>strategy>lands and builds by red wolf
  14. It can also be found in my new guide to buildings and lands in the Guides section.
  15. Is it possible to volley someone to the point they have enough gold to lcbc? If so how much would that be ? I took my shoes off for the counting but kept getting x*y=chicken 
  16. I suppose so. For llbc, maybe 2 q. Hlbc 25 q. Hfbc maybe 80 q. Albc 300 q
  17. Question: (wall me with answer please!)
    Hansel mechs is 0 gold 0 spies = dtw troops?
  18. Sh/ssh still good ??
  19. How come players still use build