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  1. When you are in the thread making page there will be a big box and a little skinny box. The big one is for your description and the little skinny box near the top is the title/subject.
  2. I updated my phone to iOS 9 and now kaw thinks I'm playing on an iPhone 4 (there's black bars on the top and bottom). What do I do? Is ata gonna fix this?
  3. Perhaps there is a simple solution for this.. But it seems to be an issue worth asking ata.

    You can contact them by email at support@athinkingape.com and be sure to specify which game youre having issues with, give a detailed explanation of your problem, and if possible send screenshots.
  4. Whats a Hansel and whats a pure spy ?
  5. A hansel is a spy build. It has at least 75% spy buildings, towers excluded. (like my build)
    A pure spy only has spy buildings, no troop buildings. Towers are excluded again. you can reconize Pure spies (ps) by them having 60 000att, static stats from the lv3 castle
  6. 1 COE or any balanced building will do ?
  7. Yes a CoE will do it just depends on whether you want to war or not.

    If you want to war as a ps build a cheap building that you can drop whenever you want and build again easily (usually tier 1)

    If you want to war as a hansel build whatever building you want although CoE is popular due to the 2 extra attacks and balanced stats.

    If you don't plan on warring again just build whatever you want.
  8. Do my allies help my spy action plunder
  9. Only up to max plunder. After that having allies is purely for a stat boost. Although if you're going to be a PS with allies you're gonna have a bad time.
  10. No, they will just give you ally bonus plunder on troop actions (att). No need for allies to get assa, stl and sct payout.
  11. How do i increase my banner stats??
    Is it by allies or my actual spy stats increasing due to buildings??
  12. Your banners stats are percent based, and use your building stats to increase. More buildings, and better buildings, will increase the stats your banner gives.
  13. Thankyou castiel
  14. Is there away to lower the amount of spies i use per action ??
  15. Not really. You get a set amount of actions per bar, when at minimum loss.
  16. Yes sell a spy building lol
  17. Ouch mango got out-answered
  18. Not really, considering that by selling a spy building he'll indeed use less spies per action, he'll also have a lower overall number of spies. So there really wouldn't be any difference.
  19. You're wrong. He will most definitely lose less spies per action. That's the difference
  20. How much cash in one hit?.( Maximum plunder)