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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. You don't need to sign-up on an event you're already participated by hitting your regular ebs.

  2. Sorry, to clarify, do you mean if the crux boost ends before the eb, then no boost? Does that mean that as long as it is active at the end of the eb, then the end pay will be boosted?
  3. I thought the end bonus was influenced as you earned it, not just at the end.

    Like, if you do tge first phase an d items on hte while a crux is active, regardless if it ends before the hte does the end bonus is still applied to that first phase and items.
  4. He hasn't been on kaw much though, is his point.

    Cheese, sometimes kaw randomly gave out 50 tile things. That may be from that
  5. That makes more sense, Deni, because I haven't hit an EB in months. Thanks 
  6. I didn't get 50 free things 
  7. You only got 50 free items at the start of the event if you logged in within 24 hours of them releasing the free gift. The gift was given due to the issues at the start of the event.
  8. This sounds like the most correct answer yet.

    You earn 2 points and an award.
  9. New player here just need the basics
  10. I've logged in every day and I never got it 

    Why do we have to volley new allies from such a low amount with the current availability of gold?

    To have them their starter buildings.

    You don't 'have to'
  13. Highest Paying Beginner Ebs ???
  14. Ambush
  15. I would say Hunting.

  16. Haunting? He can't hit that,
  17. Best paying beginner ebs IMO are;
    Battle Royale

    These are proper beginner ebs IMO as most beginners can't hit tier 4 ebs and up until they have built up some decent builds and equipment. TFO and reckoning were always the best for getting players started though.
  18. i'd say Ambush, TFO, Reckoning. Origins is quite a toughy already imo.
  19. Ambush is a good one too forgot about that. Main reason I selected my ones was due to them being low level ebs with item phases. Typically a new player can hit those ebs pretty quick if they get the right help.
  20. How do i make a subject for a thread