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  1. True, but skimming spies as a hansel still has less of an effect on total Plunder than it does skimming troops as an attack build.
  2. i'd say not. Attack builds unloading still have ally plunder. while assas at 10% gives 10% of total plunder.
  3. Why would a Hansel skim troops? Lol
  4. It does if you have a Hansel alt look at how much the amount get from stls go down as you get lower down your bar 5% will be basically nothing where as 100% will be alot the same with assn on EB. Troops have Max plunder bonus spies don't so yeh I'd say skimming spies as a Hansel is more important than skimming troops as attack build.
  5. Is my kingdom kinda strong for a noob like me? Cause I have nobody to help me or understand this game.
  6. 2 years. You haven't been able to find someone to help you in 2 YEARS? I find that hard to believe.
  7. He might've stopped playing and then redownloaded the app recently.
  8. Hate the ones that you help and they go inactive the next day.
  9. Back with a few more questions I couldn't find a perfect answer to

    1. What is mithiril?
    2. What is mage?
    3. How can you upgrade your banner/flag?
    4. How do you calculate your ally hire value depending on their stats?
  10. 1. Mithril is an extremely rare metal that is purchasable if you have less than 6, or can be earned through EE wars. It is the currency that allows you to buy powerful spells and equipment. The equipment that you buy with the Mithril can also be upgraded by the mith.

    2. The Mage is a powerful alchemist who can enchant your weapons to make them stronger. The Mage is unlocked at castle level 3, I believe. The main currency of enchantments that the Mage uses are inferno and Aqua, but be careful, the Mage may not always succeed, and may lower your current enchant's rating.

    3. The banner can be upgraded if you collect certain materials, the materials that are used to upgrade them can be found here.

    4. I'm confused by what you mean here, could you please reword it?
  11. Re#4, I think he means how much $/cs when hiring or along those lines
  12. How much wood can the woodchuck chuck?
  13. A woodchuck can chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
  14. How old am I on KaW
  15. Why can I only have 6 Mithrill at a time but you can buy things that cost so much more.
  16. the 6 mith limit is there so anyone can buy the cheap spells. If you want the more expensive spells there are two ways to get more mith.
    1. By doing ee wars (indi and primal)
    2. Joining a PvP event
  17. That way people couldn't buy their way to good bfe. Before all these events, war equip used to be the best out there, and the only way to get them would be to constantly war and accumulate mith in order to buy and enchant them. Now you can just buy equip during events and war equip are more like trophies now a days.
  18. If I pop a Golden Crux chest before pots in AFF, will that boost the already sweet pay for hitting AFF pots? What if I pop it before the end pay? (I know the best answer is pop it and kill AFF in under two hours, but that isn't likely to happen, lol)
  19. Why did I just earn an event award when I haven't signed up or participated. I've probably had the app open a total of about an hour in the past month.

    I'm corn-fused.
  20. If you go after eb, but before end pay, you don't get a boost.