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  1. I need a Lifeline . (LCBC) ( I can rely on to ask any question and they will help me , teach me how to grow faster ect ect , if so please follow me ! )

    - Krezqo
  2. You don't need a LCBC to teach you much, you really want to find an ally trader that is willing to help you
  3. Life hack #47

    Drink a bucket of paint, it will help increase the ease, and duration of sleep
  4. How to not die after drinking a bucket of paint?
  5. 1 gallon of paint thinner
  6. If that doesn't work, dying should do the trick
  7. Dear Kawmunity, I have a kind question!

    If I hire an ally starting from a certain price, say
    10 billion, then I have it vollied to 70 billion and wait for 15 days before dropping. When I drop the ally, I gain 42 billion gold in return.

    Then I wait for that ally's price to drop from
    70 billion to 10 billion (no owner) then I hire from 10 billion and repeat the process again!

    Does this gives me gold profit, or actually brings gold loss doing this way? Thanks! :D
  8. You would lose gold. 10-70b will probably only get you around 5b, so you'd need around 65b initially. That 70b then becomes 42b, so you'd lose around 23b if my prediction is correct. (It may be a little more or less)
  9. How many tithe do you get for winning a war? Or do you even get any?
  10. Funny trick question, Sean.

    Well you will lose gold, that's pretty sure. Let's see how much.

    As you want to volley that ally to 70b, let's assume that you have 70b initial cash. Volleying that ally will make you have a 70b ally as well as the gold you made from the volley, which would amount to around 15% of the final ally price (in fact, around 17% if you volley from zero on). So an ally worth 70b plus 10,5b cash.

    Dropping that ally will give you 42b (or 60% refund), so around 52b in total cash. Resulting loss amounts to about 18b, or 25% of your initial cash. Your friend helping you volley though will have a net win of around 10b.

    Repeat this a few times (it doesn't matter if you buy back the same ally at 10b or another one...), and your cash goes down while your volley partner thanks you for the gold transfer.
  11. Can anybody tell me why resets are disabled for everybody ?
  12. because Ata is run by a bunch of apes
  13. Sums it up. Except for whoever runs the feedback. They're awesome.
  14. Resets were mostly being used from reset bombs, the devs felt this hurt the game and removed them...
  15. How do I get more bloodwood?
  16. it drops from every final eb of a series starting from origins.
    ori fod sr tgl acc tsg asof, by heart
  17. Should you upgrade one building at a time let's say as an Attack Build (Elven Temples) or as a Hansel (Unkari Ice Trees)?
  18. Focus on land unlocks and building level 1 unkari ice trees/blood barracks until you reach abyss.

    It's not as efficient to build in highlands/hoarfrost as it is to build in abyss.