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  1. Without a castle there's no kingdom think about it.

  2. That castle isn't as pointless as it may appear to you. Next to giving you access to the alchemist and later on the mage (oh joy), it gives you static stats. Those will help you avoid fails on ebs when you are low on troops, as a pot would do.
  3. Mathematically, one mage.
    Otherwise, no mage no enchant.
  4. The mage brings you massive anger issues in exchange of some otherwise useless inferno and aqua. Well worth it !
  5. castle still pointless and damn the mage :lol:
  6. what did the homeless man get for christmas ?
  7. nothing, santa is fake and only kaw related questions please.
  8. he got hypothermia, Santa isn't the only one who can give presents genius
  9. Why are the devs such asshats ?
  10. They're normal humans that need to make a living
  11. :lol: sounds about right though
  12. new event? check again at 7pm gmt
  13. 2 hours after 7pm GT....
  14. well, there is more info right? (1h late due some error i suppose)
  15. How do you get weapons? I'm new just started this game and I'm stuck.
  16. By completing certain epic battles and through events like the current one.
  17. I wouldn't trust this guy.....sounds like...

    *pulls off sunglasses*

    "Bad advice."
  18. ^ :lol: :lol:
  19. Played like I was spittin' true fire