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  1. You do the same ebs you got the relic equip from and if you're lucky enough, scrolls will drop.
  2. Best t5 building overall? I used t4 CoEs for cs, but colonies are lower than the others, so attk or def better overall, especially for warring?
  3. What do you mean by warring?
    If you mean EE go with a combination of col(offense heavy) and towers to hide the adt.
    If you mean osw go with heavy defense buildings and a few balanced buildings
  4. As many relic equipment drops from the epic battle I will a go a little more in depth.

    When you first hit the epic battle for the first time at the end you will get all the equipment which is more or less worthless until combined with the corresponding scroll, some need 8 others 11 and so on to unlock what is fully needed after that you use Aqua and inferno to enhance the rest of the way.
    Say you have the Jaws of Death equipment and it needs 10 scrolls keep hitting the eb that drops that scroll till you have enough. It will take a long time to do so unless your very lucky. Brief summary over relic equipment for you cow happy kawing.
  5. I can't figure out for the life of me how to take a photo from my iOS camera roll and get it all sized and converted and posted to the forums. Haven't found any helpful guides so I'm posting here.
  6. The way we used to do it is screen shot, add to photobucket, go to settings on photobucket and set it to resize (I think just below 600x600 fits), then copy its url and paste it between [/img but with the bracket closed.

    Personally now I would use something else to resize then upload to imgur. It's pretty much better in every way.
  8. Use tinypic, it can resize the image for you, if not just use the imgfit tags instead of just img
  9. You don't need to resize, just use
  10. Does ps with 1 building earn more overall plunder in eb or hansel?
  11. ps with 1 troop building is a hansel.
  12. How would i male a defensuve build?? What buildings do i need .. ?
  13. I would focus on growing first before you make a defensive build.
  14. this.
    Once you are big you can build towers.
  15. How do you get nightbringer and the eventide mace? Was it a promo, or just enchanted from soulreaper and Morningstar?
  16. IIRC they were just rewards for old seasons. So not available anymore.
  17. Where can i find out more on wars. Eg. Difference between classic, advantage and random... Link to the thread would be much appreciated!
  18. Hi all, any1 has an overview regarding the Ocean equip at the alchemist? interested especially in the tidal chestplate and the zephyr armguards. thank you!