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  1. Yes you are currently however don't worry about being hired as it really won't benefit you much unless you get a helpful owner.

    If you really are worried about being overpriced then just stay active as you will grow fast at your size.
  2. Is it possible to own your owner?
  3. Yes
  4. Estoc Edge, it gives a plunder bonus from 25% to 50% depending it's level. you gain/increase alevel by doing Chaos Wars, often reffered to asEE war or just war
  5. What do the stats of my troops have to be to able to hit haunts?
  6. You can hit haunt at any size if you attack with the holy wrath attack pot or use the first mith attack spell.
  7. There's no real minimum for troops to hit haunt, BFE is the easiest and least expensive way to grind haunts, 30m attack bfe will be enough to unload on haunt
  8. Am I overprice? And is there anybody who could hire me?
  9. what gives better what gives better Plunder att or spy
  11. How?
    Edit: I've looked over the codes, there's nothing wrong or weird about them.
    Color, imgfit, underline, italics. No weird code that makes all text after the post red.
    I don't get it.
  12. I don't understand it either but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the pb link
  13. And it works with any color

  14. If someone were to put the exact color that the forum background is, they'd ruin entire pages of posts.
    But I mean, who would be so diabolical
    /hides Google search history
  15. That's the problem, there isn't a color that matches the background
  16. Finding the Hex code would do it. Just need a PC person to SS the forum and take it to a program that can identify hexidecimal color values.
  17. Way ahead of you, Castiel. :roll: