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  1. 2 different answers hmmm. Lets say the only difference is the timing. Actions, time between seals all that are the same .
  2. If both clans start the eb straight away and seal straight away pay should end up the same for both clans as you get the same amount of actions in and end pay is based around your contribution to the eb so more end bonuses won't matter for the argument for the quicker HTE.
  3. It depends.

    If both clans have totally closed items to only the sealer, the difference will be minimal.

    Theoretically, the slow HTEs might pay you more if you strictly keep to 5 minutes skim as there will be less interruptions to it due to the pause between ebs. If you happen to only be on for short unloads, many in between eb pauses might also be annoying.

    The fast HTEs should pay you more inferno and aqua though.

    Your fast HTE example won't be sustainable though, that's the difference between fast and slow HTEs. Slow HTEs should give you longer stays. 1 hour HTEs will cost you 24 seals per day, so it will get difficult to let you stay longer than 4 days, except if admins are sealing to fill the gap (usually a generous LB player or two...).
  4. If you're comparing clans that do HtE at the same speed, same way and same count for actions you'd have to take into account what builds are hitting, and how they're hitting, a clan which has everyone skimming(never seen this but it's just an example) will have a higher end plunder from the HtE from say a clan or randoms doing as they please. Let's not also forget if you're to skim spies off the top your plunder gets even better, so in all there's too many variables to answer this question with full certainty.
  5. What is the best epic battle/eb item drop for a Hansel? It'd be swell if the best eb had the best drop.
  6. There's no best drop. A lot of different items are better for hansels than attack builds, and many vice versa. You just need to figure out how much bfe you need in which stat and where to get it from.
  7. Realistically for hte, a faster one will still be better than 3 hrs, even if you keep everything the same. For the simple reason that its unlikely every eb will have closed pots or take exactly that time. Some will take longer some will be shorter.

    In the end you want the one that earns most per hour. This in theory is more likely to be the faster one, as you'd be earning a bonus in a shorter time, and more chances for an ffa eb in a day when its 1 hr not 3.
  8. Hey guys I'm just wondering what EBs give which equip .... I'm looking particularly for shoulders and helmet but other equip EBs would be nice too.... Thanks guys!
  9. I just bumped the equipment guide to active topics so enjoy.
  10. Best thing to do is to take some time and read through the eb guide below or any of the other fine guides.

    Have a good day!

    Guide to Equipment


    That works too. :p
  11. What build makes the most gold off of eb?
  12. build guilds, loads of them. and forge or 2 to attack the eb
  13. Any build will earn well as you grow and if you avoid towers. A hansel build works good, as you dont need to know mechs well to earn well. Alternatively you could go with an attack build instead.

    Guilds are not worth building anymore, and id always suggest a balanced troop building over attack any day.
  14. A hansel build skimming spies with defense buildings only but fall in hansel mechs
    Or you could have a attack build again with defense buildings as they have 5% more plunder.
    No towers for either build at all
  15. What's kaws support email? Link pls
  16. just volley me as high as u can.
  17. I got 11 skulls from the current event and I'm ranked 25,235. Is it fair to speculate that the active kaw population is around 30,000?

    Edit: I meant to post with my alt, lol. My alt has 11 skulls.
  18. I heard 48000 from an experienced player