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  1. My apologies if I sounded uptight and rude. Long day at work.
  3. On March 11th, I shall edit this post*
  4. Edited and fixed. Thanks for the tip Eclipso.
  5. I should edit my post what should I say?
  6. A question about Kaw, hopefully.
  7. As a math geek I was wondering if anyone has ever done the math to figure out the exact fight mechanics (hit ranges, success probability, etc.)
  8. For a success it's only a chance of probability due to the lovely wandering villager in time it could also be calculated. In order to fight out the exact math it would take massive calculations per hit and as the numbers would change. Even if someone did the devs would only have to change a few numbers and would change it all up.
  9. How do you take part in a "relief effort"? Relief efforts like the typhoon and HiV immunity mentioned on achievements.
  10. It's always through purchases in the oracle
  11. And the time for those is long gone, in case you were hoping to get the achievement.
  12. There might be one comin up to support the Nepalese after that earthquake. But you never know with these canadians
  13. Could someone tell me how many battle wins you currently have to have to be "ranked" on the battle LB please?
  14. 783,865 is the current #50 spot on the Battles leaderboard, although this could change within a day. This is also only top 50. There are more spots. I believe it goes up to 10k.
  15. For top 10k I'd say something like 350k wins.
  16. Its around 200k-250k actions I believe. I have a few friends who are top.10k and they are around that.
  17. 200k gets you in the top 10k
  18. Re: clan members

    If clan members are in order by power then how is a 17.3 m cs stronger than a 19 m cs ?
  19. Re: clan members

    Bonus from allies/equipment.
  20. 192,762 as of March 30th