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  1. What is the meaning of oaf?
  2. An oaf was a term used during the PWar ages of kaw as a meaning for someone who was all attack just like OSF was used for all spy accounts.
  3. OAF = Open attack farm.

    It is an attack build that let's anyone freely steal from them.
  4. I played kaw 3 or 4 yrs ago. Just started back up over a month ago. Then decided to make an alt with old itouch. Well it rembered i had an account. So i did not get plunder bonus and had to explore and pay for lowlands. Which is fine but now in the highlands they are much more expensive than recently made accounts. Can this be updated to new rules?

    The account is "heehee-man".

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Highlands are cheaper for new accounts?
  6. Highlands are cheaper? that's a new one HL prices were already cut in half when HF came out
  7. My first land highland is 5bil
  8. HL prices are not cheaper, only building prices were cut
  9. What is the diffrence in a spy heavy hybrid(which I think I am) & a Hansel ??

    Which is better for wars & Which one does good in ebs..??

    What is the best For mainly ebs but wars every now & then for EE too...??
  10. You fall in the hansel mechs, your slightly over the hybrid mech lines.

    Hybrid is very good in EE especially in the top 2 tiers (leaderboard wise that is) but heavy BFA is required.

    Hansel/pure spy builds are the new fav in EE as they're easy to build, and can be quite annoying during the fight.

    With your current build switching to hansel would be cheaper and easier for you since most of the ground work is already there.
  11. A spy heavy hybrid falls under hybrid mechanics (25%-75% attack buildings) but has significantly more spy stats then attack.A hansel falls under hansel mechanics (25% or less attack buildings).

    Comparing the two in EE and EB

    Hansels are currently the most desirable EE build. For primal wars would typically require a couple mil sdt for a good war clan.

    Hybrids in primal wars need a large amount of towers and are often large tanks. Large amount of work before war ready.

    Hansels are very effective in EB's and typically don't have as many towers as hybrids do so compared to a hybrid would make more.
    Hybrids are also very effective in EB's. A hybrid that wars typically carries a large amount of towers, which would cut into your plunder. Looking at large EB's, such as A Sacrifice of Flesh, hybrids can usually get both troops and spies successfully through, while hansels can typically only get spies.

    If your interests are in EE and EB's, then i'd recommend a hansel.
  12. If I haven't unlocked the Mage yet, but I have received Aqua and Inferno from the event, what happens to the Aqua and Inferno?
    Will they be there when I manage to unlock the Mage?
  13. When you unlock the Mage the Aqua and Inferno you was rewarded from events and ebs will be in your inventory .
  14. That's great, thank you.
  15. What are the additional benefits between hansel and ps1?
  16. Ps1 is a sub class of hansel, ps1 are more desired for war, but with only one attack building. Easy convert to ps1/ps for war

    Hansel is less desired but has more attack makes more on attack but isn't wanted for war harder to convert for war. Unless you are a towered hansel who has 4m minimum in adt to block some attacks.

    Hope this helps
  17. How much does it cost and what is the generally accepted min cs for creating a clan?
  18. Did anyone notice how slayerbob said he's going to retire in 2015 back when this was made in 2009??? And he just retired, i did...
  19. He edited his post. :roll: