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  1. Detect if someone uses xtal? Example?

    In case this gets lost in question, an answer would be most appreciated on my wall.
  2. What happened to all of the build guides? Did they get deleted?
  3. No they're still there, what thread were you looking for? I'll bump one up for you
  4. It's very easy, especially if hitting a target, because they'll go from empty to full and you can hit more.

    In ebs, you check the battle log as they're hitting xtal usage will show up as them hitting a lot more than a full unload.
  6. My next upgrade is 200,000. I only have 40,000. How will I ever make enough :(
  7. Never mind, buying a new land is much cheaper. Sorry for wasting your time!
  8. Is there a guide somewhere that suggests what the best way to build when starting up?
  9. Forges are the way to go. I recommend 5 forges, per every guild.

    Always go with the cheapest option; if it's cheaper to buy land and build building, go with that. If it's cheaper just to upgrade, do that.

    Always have max pluder; you can achieve this buy hiring allies. Hire an ally, hit EB. Hire another ally and hit EB, if your bonus from allies increases, repeat, if not, you're set :)
  10. My best guess is the end of January as thats when 1 and 3 started
  11. I need help... I know too much about narwhals now. I think I need a different animal.
  12. Think about me 
  13. Canadian geese. Then Moose might like you
  14. When I hire an ally do my CS go up?
  15. No, but your bfa usually goes up. Your cs goes up when you upgrade or buy a new building.
  16. Is there away to transfer one acct. From one tablet to another? I broke the glass on one tablet and the charger. Got. New tablet but I don't want to lose anything. Please help! Jeni
  17. you'll have to link the account with either ATA or Facebook, then sign in on the other device
  18. ...shark?
  19. A SethosaurusRex?
  20. [​IMG]