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  1. Bonus from allies/bonus from equipment.
  2. Similarly to pots, to translate bfa/bfe/pots to cs, you multiply it by .02 or divide it by 50.
  3. It's always divide by 50.....
  4. Is post count current or when the post was posted? Ie: if I post in forum (a) then later in forum (b), does the post count in forum (a) change?
  5. Yes, it will.
  6. Post count is entirely based on the user not on the post
  7. What happen to that pure evil tread??
  8. It would have been graveyarded for off topic posting/flaming/trolls

  9. It may have self-sustained a fusion reaction due to the chemical awesomeness. We may never know.
  10. Not in forums any more
  11. Meaning of life plz.
  12. Does the bliz-herd plunder spell contribute to plunder from EBs or only from battling others?
  13. It contributes to both
  14. PvE meaning that it's for EBs.
  15. When does the next EE season start id like to learn how to do all EE wars before then also so if you could recommend a clan to teach me also
  16. Is there somewhere a guide on how to do stuff like this?
  17. There is a BB Code guide.