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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Would it also apply that I can not create a kongregate account if I already have a kingdoms at war account?
  2. How much would I get back if I sold a lvl3 Volary? Sorry would calculate myself but don't remember the percentage
  3. Narwhal, please rephrase your question? o_O
  4. Percentage is 50% of what you payed
  5. What you paid for the last level? Or total
  6. Why has ata disabled login. i messed up and loged into the one i have for facebook and it would not lett me back on the one for my phone what do i do to get it back
  7. @devil, if you linked your Facebook account to your phone, you will need to delink that account from your phone. Then you would be able to put the correct login information into the phone. You have to be careful though with how many times you link/unlink an account because ata only give you so many so you can't log in and out constantly to access multiple accounts on one device.
  8. What is better for bigger stats, lvl 3 elven or lvl 4 colony?
  9. Do u get tvp from all wars ?
  10. Do u get tvp spell from all wars ? Wall me
  11. TVP is only available to those who got no match found.

    Elven temple level 3 has slightly higher stats than a colony level 4
  12. How many posts do you people believe this will have before it's locked or the game ends
  13. It won't be locked. It is a very good thread for people to find a answer.
  14. How do you edit a thread?
  15. Access your thread from a Pc to edit.
  16. Been thinking of switching back to an attack build from my current build so as not to affect my plunder too much should I convert buildings one by one or save up one lump some? Thru ally trading
  17. How much gold do you get back for tearing down a tier 5 lvl3 balanced building? How much for a tier 4 lvl 3? And if there is a tier 6?