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  1. What osw has been on for 3 months
  2. Why not @Proditer ?
  3. The NA Yafi war has been going something like 7 months now
  4. Assassinating in HTE will not necessarily give one more plunder. Even if it does,the difference will not be too much.(Unless you are a spy build.) So not assassinating during HTE as an attack build will give others a chance to gain more plunder.
  5. I see. Thanks ^
  6. You do make more plunder via assassinations, even as an attack build.

    You are correct in that the amount is minimal, and that it is not worth wasting the EB for such a little gain...

    That is why most clans have that rule.

    But, to say that you don't make more is incorrect. You do make a little more.
  7. Do you need a lot in bfa to make let's say ts eb a lot easier? Course bfe helps tons.
  8. Bfa is a boost but until you have a ton of it and then lose it it is negligible at best.

    Conversion to raw stats is 1:50 for both bfa and bfe.
  9. What is the conversion rate of raw stats into CS?
  10. Divide it by 50
  11. What is worse ? Complaining about the Devs and their 'updates and changes' to their game, or complaining about the Players and the way they play it?

    And by worse i guess I mean childish, immature, and a general waste of time and digital space.
  12. Its a tie for last.
  13. How do you use Health Crystals
  14. Go to marketplace, then oracle, then exchange a health crystal for troops and spies.
  15. After almost five years of playing I am in need of some build advice for an alt I'm building. I recently became intrigued by the primal wars but I don't know about the specific builds needed to be successful. If there is a post concerning this, could I please have a link? If there is not a guide for this I would appreciate knowing what builds are the most successful and also have a rough estimate of buildings needed. Much thanks in advance.
  16. What is the best equip for the weapon and feet slots? (Only EBS)
  17. Do spy defense pots help any to defend against scouts?
  18. No, scouts don't burn sdp. Assassins and Steals do though.
  19. Nope. Only against assasn and steals.

    That's why often times people will scout bomb someone spies to zero and then assasn them if they can't get past their spies and troops.