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  1. In fact, you probably didn't pay 200m but you lost 200m per hit. Your loss depends on how much gold you have open and your opponent won't earn that amount, but something depending on your relative sizes.
  2. What are the dragon eggs used for?
  3. The dragon eggs are a promotional "hunt" where you have to collect as many as you can. The rewards are based on how many eggs you collect. They vary from crystals to equipment to seals/horns.(didn't include all of the rewards) the event ends in a day or two I believe
  4. How do the leaderboards work (clan and individual)? It doesn't seem to be going by cs.
  5. Clan roster goes by cs and BFA.

    Individual LB's go by their respective titles. BFA, hire cost, wins or total strength - which is cs, allies and wins together.
  6. Clan ranks also include bfa, bonus from allies.

    I have heard other things might also be calculated in but cs and bfa are definitely the main factors.
  7. what is a bump a necro bump and firsting plz?
  8. Bump stands for bring up my post. Brings a post to active topics.

    Necro bump is bumping a completely dead thread from a long time ago that serves no purpose now.

    Firsting is posting first on a thread just to say you're the fastest to answer and serves no purpose.

    Both necrobumping and firsting are bannable offenses.
  9. Bump stands for bring up my post which places the thread you posted it on in AT.

    A necro-bump is when you bump a thread that is no longer active.

    Firsting is posting "First" on a thread, which is ban able because it is considered spam.
  10. Necro bumping is posting on a thread that has not had any discussion for quite some time. I'm not sure exactly how long but I would say 3 months of no discussion. The exception is if a post is stickied.

    First (ing) means when a new post is made, someone hops on and says first. This can result in a 24 hour forum ban, it is against forums roc.
  11. Do people still do wars outside of the Chaos wars?
  12. Only ones ive seen lately have been small clans trying it out to learn, or a few big ones between Apoc family clans.

    Most stick to chaos and rancor season wars if they are going to do system wars.
  13. Yeah they do but I'm not sure if they get mith if they win.
  14. So the seasonal wars are the best way to get mith then?
  15. Ee wars are the only wars that give mith, system wars (non ee). Have no reward at the end
  16. Out of the following three, which is the best way to boost my overall strength? Increasing my attk stats, my spy stats, or my Atk/Spy Def stats?
    And I am a hansel.
  17. Attack stats is the easiest way to boost overall strength.
  18. So even if I am a hansel attk stats are still the best
  19. Yes. Overall strength is done through cs and attack/def stats increase the most per bil spent out of all buildings. Balanced ones to be specific.
  20. Having said that, if you want to maintain a hansel build upgrade your spy.