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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. It's not really a question, it's more of a wish lol! But anyways, I wish they would raise the amount of gold you get for being hired...I wish you received maybe 40% of what you cost! That would be nice!
  2. The main reason for the gold you get from getting hired is for you to grow with when you are small/new. 40% of what your cost is is absurd.
  3. For example, every hire I get I'd make a few hundred billion. My next hit would drop me an easy 360 billion.
    Now imagine the leaderboard accounts costing 20 trillion.
    "Hmm I need some gold..." An easy 8-9 trillion right there. And then they hire an ally that price, and so on and so forth.
  4. When selling a building, what is the percentage for refunds?
  5. I may be mistaken but I think it's 40%
  6. 20% of what youve spent
  7. 25% refund (1/4th)
  8. Lol don't answer if you don't know... Mango got it right
  9. If i am planning to line my HL with the newly and thankfully cheap Vols, how should i approach it in the most economically inclined way? Putting one level one down at a time, or slowly removing SoS and replacing with level 3 Vols.

    Side note: i don't have the time to save up for a big change of putting down all level 3's at once. I'd rather not lose a bill a hit lol.
  10. What I'm doing with my Highlands and Hoarfrosts is starting with all level 1s, then 2s, and so on
  11. I got silenced can u mods please unsilence me please
  12. Mods cannot undo a silence. You need to take your case to support@athinkingape.com and make sure to include your in-game username, the game you play on(kaw), and to clearly explain your situation and reasoning.
  13. How do I reset my password to my old account
  14. How would you know how much you should have in allies in order to gain max plunder?? post on my wall pls..
  15. Which clans would be best to learn to ally trade at? I'd like to learn more about ally trading. Feel like I'm missing out on big money.
  16. No specific clan. Really an individual adventure.
  17. Is kaw edible?
  18. Yes. KaWk is edible.
  19. Mmm delicious