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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. 
  2. Hybrid is entertaining, to be useful in war you need a stack of BFA. Hansel is fun to harass people and have them not know its you, and attack is great for well is just the standard build
  3. Turtle builds are fun if you have bfa and equipment, cuz then you can use bully mechanics to your advantage and smack people up, then when they try to get revenge they fail every hit endlessly
  4. And the fun thing about that is they pin themselves on you, weather they use pots or not
  5. Would I be able to make more gold per haunt with a hansel or hybrid? It feels like I'm hardly making anything anymore, and growth is dreadfully slow.
  6. Well o.o where do i start ? 
  7. Please pm me some of you people
  8. what do you mean?
  9. You start by doing the waste of time tutorial.
  10. Why do towers decrease plunder and how?

    also, anyone saw the blood moon this morning?
  11. Because they offer no further troop/spy units. They also offer a static defence bonus which is purely strengthens your spy/troop defensive ability.
  12. Towers do not "lower plunder". Your plunder reduces due to the fact that it adds to your stats without providing troops..

    Also, I'm not a geologist, therefore I do not know what a blood moon is.
  13. Geologist? Want to rethink what moon implies...
  14. The moon is a rock tho isn't it?
  15. It is cheese
  16. Let's keep this thread on topic please.

    What are all the EBs that drop bloodwood?
  17. Why do peeps hate my swag
  18. People hate your swag because you act like a 5 year old. Question answered.
  19. Why do peeps say op in forum and what does it mean