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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Don't be so self-conscious about it :lol: we all have been there before
  2. suvs might eat gas though. what if i want like a reliable vehicle like the toyota tacoma. one tht takes me far you know?

    what would that be?
  3. lmao it just bothers me a lot.
  4. And no, that was not meant to be punny :lol:
  5. Omg... :lol: But yeah a hybrid build would be good for that.
  6. no. just a building that i can build a lot of.
  7. It really depends on what you wanna do. If you don't wanna fight other players, just make a bunch of balanced troop buildings.

    If you wanna fight other players, you're gonna want some towers.
  8. i cant find towers
  9. oh i see them under defense.
  10. Don't build them now, you will cripple your plunder
  11. When did FF become in AT
  12. Couple days ago.
  13. Question about growing. Currently I have 13 lv. 3 forges, 2 lv 3 guilds and the castle. My next land is 600m. My question is for faster growth should I Upgrade my guilds to lv4 or should I put down a new land and another forge lv3? Now my intentions are to grow to an attack build for eb's. seeking the best way to do so. Thank you
  14. Buy land and build beastiaries until your land price is higher than 900m. Then do the guild upgrades. I recommend having 7 guilds on your lowlands and the first 4 highlands too.

    Forges arent as good as beastiaries, I would recommend changing some over too.
  15. As Mango said.

    Don't replace those forges though with beastiaries, you'll replace them with T4 (circle of elements) when hitting highlands in a few days. Don't build any T3 buildings but stick to forges/beastiaries and guilds till you unlock T4 at 25 lands (just a waste of gold).
  16. PS: you probably are too low on allies to be at max ally bonus plunder.
  17. Am I Max ally plunder or whatever it's called?
  18. No, but to check hit an epic battle at full troops, buy a cheap ally, and hit the eb again when your troops regen. If there is any difference in plunder you aren't at MP.
  19. Thanks, didnt even realize I was my at mp