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  1. From the moth hunt thread. (Sorry if it's not word for word correct. On an iPhone, but this is what it says)
  2. Well kaw announced on the thread that they are unsure of when it will end on the 14th and I think that implies it will run for some amount of time throughout the day.
  3. MGTD - What does this mean?
  4. Make a Good Thread Day
  5. Ok so with the ice moth promo I have 8k. Will I still get the level 5 rime staff from having 6k moths? Or will I only get the level1 shield and the other piece of equipment from reaching 8k?
  6. You only get the 8K crap.
  7. Soooo... I've decided I am ready to try my hand at EE.... who wants to teach me?!


    any question right? Lol
  8. How many guild to SOS conversions does it take to get past plunder drop?
  9. Could someone enlighten me and tell me my post count? I am a hermit who lives in a deep dark cave in the Alps, and I have no computer. Strangely, I have a smartphone though...
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  11. Ok thanks mate.

    Still figuring out the PC problem...
  12. Why did are eb run out of time when we recieved a nomatch in war 2,was running haunt.and r players lost xtals,moths & payouts.wth is going on ?
  13. What EB's drop horns for the revenge of the warbeast eb?
  14. Haunting the Escape, Revenge of the Warbeast as well as normal Warbeast an haunt are known for dropping seals and horns.
  15. Hey im new and looking for any helpful advice thanks :)
  16. Tsg and tgl and sr drop seals too
  17. The best advice you will find is in the Modern Day KaW Handbook, in the strategy section of forums. Have a read of that, for best advice. Otherwise, it's important to join a good clan, so that you get good advice and make good friends for the long run to help you through things.
  18. OK newb here
    What is a tank
    What is a hansil