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  1. I assume it's off of full troops because the diamondferous sword will always give a certain amount as will my abyssal blade and that number hadn't changed as I use troops from what I've seen but I don't know with full certainty.
  2. @heartfall

    The diamondiferous is static.
  3. Can anyone tell me the ending time promo for sgt? I'm no good at timezone lol...
  4. I know that lol that's why I stated it the way I did
  5. What does MGTD mean? It's on most of the threads...
  6. Make a Good Thread Day
  7. I want my abyssal blade and have been looking for b2b FoD unsuccessfully, could anyone give me some tips on getting my abyssal?
  8. Find more FOD.

    Really though, drops are completely random and there is no formula to get one.
  9. do u know of a b2b FoD clan?
  10. Go to clan events and look in ebs, then find FoD
  11. I had a theory to drops I can send to you but you'll be better off finding an unlock then a btb the EB will drop more if fewer people have the item who are participating.
  12. 1. When does S3 start. The last I read was this week but we know it is not starting this week?

    2. What time on the 14th does the moth hunt end?

    Thank you
  13. the top four threads have MGTD what does that mean?
  14. @mass

    January 20th is what I have heard.
  15. @folklore

    It's make a good thread day. Read wakebusters thread.
  16. How's my build looking for war? And should i be using Adp when j war?
  17. Hansels need more ADT than SDT. Leaking is always the main issue as you can not stop scouts, it's impossible. Enough SDT will deter assassinations but you will never have enough for scouts. ADT should be 3mil at least and SDT should be 1.5.-2mil, enough to stop the bulk of assassinations.
  18. Will the moth hunt end as soon as it turns January the 14th or will it run through that day?
  19. This question was asked before, but I believe it will run throughout the day. I'm not sure, but I think it will.
  20. I don't believe it mentions specifically, but I was under the impression it ENDS on the 14th