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Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by CoS-Dillybar, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. SoS lvl 2 has the lowest plunder factor of all 3. Lvl 1 is the highest. That's why.
  2. How often does the lb update?
  3. At what time? Do you know
  4. At 8am I believe gmt(?). I forget the tz
  5. I believe its 12 am PDT.
  6. What do the symbols next to the forums mean
    Some have a star
    Some are red
    Some are scrolling
    Mine have done all
    What does it mean
  7. Will my ally get me ranked?
  8. I had the same question while ago. Im pretty sure the blue circle means no one has posted on it since u last looked at it.

    Star means that u have posted 1 or more times on the thread.

    Light bulb is a stickied thread people use often that helps them.

    The circular threads are made by kAw_admin
  9. Ranked on what extreme?
  10. Usually u have to have quite a few $ in allies to get ranked.

    I have no clue what that number is

    Also for the other question:
    The scrolling means its a long thread. Well longish.
  11. Xtreme look on allies lB and on the botton of the screen it will tell u if ur ranked and what it is.

    If your allies are to low then it will say
    " unranked "
  12. Scrolling means thread has more than one page
  13. ^^
    I worded what i meant oddly
  14. why does silph have golden plated greaves equiped instead of arachnidian greaves?
  15. Are percent bonuses from pp and equips static bonuses based off max troops or current troop level at the time of use?
  16. He probably doesn't have the arachnid greaves enchanted as high.
  17. No one knows, but I believe it is off of full troops.
  18. @forum symbol question

    If it is blue, you have read the most recent post.

    If it has a lightbulb, it is a stickied thread.

    If it is scrolling, it has 25 or more posts.

    If it has an asterisk, you have posted on it.