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  1. Off system war. Generally two clans who will fight like in a real war, but they don't actually start a proper "war"
  2. They generally farm and strip each other till there is a ceasefire.
  3. Can u copy and paste threads?
  4. Manually, yes. If it's the first post. If the link, also yes.
  5. Will T6 buildings ever be available to build on high lands?
  6. Nobody can say for sure, but since T5 still can't be built on Lowlands, I wouldn't expect T6 to be able to be built on Highlands anytime in the foreseeable future.
  7. I am planning to convert from here. If I max all my guilds, will the saving for gold time be shorter? Or longer? That's inclusive of the upgrading of guilds.
  8. What is the best combo of Xtals/pro packs to buy? I'm looking for best deal for the money
  9. Well the 100 nobility packs give you 50 speakers and 6 health crystals, the 50 dollar one gives you 50 health crystals and 100 speakers, and I have all the 2 dollar ones so I couldn't tell you about those. Just depends on what you can spend really.
  10. Also depends what you buy it on.

    Heres what I did..I bought the chaos pack ($50) on iDevice. This gave me the plus 10% bonus to all stats, 500 nobs, and 100 speakers. Then, I went to my Android (which I have slayerbob linked to) and used the nobs to buy all the unpurchased packs. I still had a couple hundred nobs which gave me a nice lump of gold along with - 20 crystals, 100 plus speakers, another 15% bonus to all stats.

    For $50, thats a rocking deal.

    **NOTE** Buying chaos from iDevice, and the rest of the packs with nobs can be done from Android OR PC.
  11. that is sooooo smart .
  12. Thanks :) that's what I wanted to do but I didn't know if that was allowed lol
  13. Why wouldn't it be? It's your money, Nobility, and xtals. If the devs didn't want you doing that, they wouldn't have made it possible.
  14. Erm.. Can anyone please answer my question? :cry:
  15. ^whats ur question?
  16. What are you converting to? It looks like you only have a few guilds.
  17. I'm putting up CoE and towers. Should I upgrade my level 3 guilds to level 4? Would it be faster? Or slower? That's including the time taken to upgrade my guilds.
  18. At your level of stats towers should wait, best would be to put up all lv4 guilds and one lv3 coe
  19. If you're going to convert to COEs don't waste the time to upgrade guilds. But I don't think that is a good idea at your size to convert to COEs and towers...
  20. There are OSWs right?? What do they do? And are they merely kingdoms, or war clans?