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  1. Hello my fellow KaWers, today I present to you...

    The Pin Game

    Alright all of you internet badasses, it's time to prove your true level of badassery by participating in The Pin Game! Do you have what it takes to pin every single person who posts on this thread? Well we'll soon find out.

    How It Works

    This game is very simple. Just pin and zero the person who posted last and if they are already pinned and zeroed, then pin the person before them. If you have pinned the person before you, you may go on to try and pin the person before them.


    Player A: hits me and pins my troops, but does not manage to pin my spies.

    Player B: pins and zeroes Player A and then goes on to zero me.

    etc etc... it just keeps going.

    Let the game begin!
  2. sorceress fp 8/10 sct nz
  3. Bump now that event is over.

  4. To lazy to write it down but this nub is pnz:45
  5. 20/20 ass, 5/5 sct pnz:24
  6. Antichrist att p scout 0d

    Dark att p hb scout nz

    Legit game dark paid 80 mill per att hehe :)))
  7. Will 16/16 ass, 9/9 sct pnz:23
  8. dtw ^
    forgot/? sct z ^
  9. D4RK: 1/3 bar ass np
  10. 19/20p
  11. Rikkimaru 7/24 ass np