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Discussion in 'Wars' started by llIlI_LR-RIPPER_IllII, May 28, 2012.

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  1. @Joe

    The topic is discussion worthy, but, that doesn't mean people get to post slanderous things that can hurt the integrity of ATA (that ship sailed long ago). It's sad that ADULTS cry about stuff like this and can't even uphold the decency to behave like adults.

    You agreed to everything in the ToU. If you can't follow that then maybe they shouldn't be posting on this topic.
  2. I've not broken the ToU. And since when have we not been able to say whatever we want about the mods? Is this the beginning of the mods making the rules?
  3. @Joe

    In the beginning, VERY BEGINNING of KaW, people would harass the mods and defame their names. Belle and other mods that are apart of this locking spree have done nothing but follow the ToU.

    The posts that have been deleted have accused Mods of being biased and abusing their power. None of this is true and as such is defaming their name. This is against the ToU, not only that but it's false info.

    You can talk **** about the mods all day, but keep it classy, and don't spread false information.
  4. I didn't say anything about defamation. Belle said we weren't allowed to make any attacks on ATA staff, including mods. I can attack a mod without defaming them. I've done it to a PiMD mod many times.

    PS: I was around at the VERY beginning of kaw. 
  5. Ask Belle. But I assume the attacking is more on the lines of accusing them of cheating/abusing power etc.
  6. Well there is his problem. He plays Pimd
  7. I like face-value. I'd appreciate it if Belle would do kindly create her rules in a manner that would not require us decoding the true meaning of what she means.
  8. She wants all of the **** talkers to be grouped into one thread so that it's easier to moderate. That's all.
  9. @Joe

    I'm pretty sure 5 paragraphs was enough explanation. Hence the 1/2/3/4/5. Pretty self explanatory, the funny thing is what she posted is in the ToU. Go ******* figure.
  10. You'll have to excuse my apparent blindness, as I am unable to find anything in the ToU that grants any special protections to ATA staff and mods concerning non-defamatory attacks on the forums.
  11. Forums has their "own" rules. Regardless, defaming or falsely accusing someone in-game on forums has always been against the rules. Idk why that's hard to understand.
  12. @joe- please go to "rules of conduct" section in forums. Please read the post "rules of conduct" by kaw_admin.

    The part you are discussing is under the "Ad Hominem" section. It states that personal attacks are not allowed against any staff members or players (including moderators) etc etc.

    Go look up ad hominem on google.

    Tell me I suck. Tell ATA they suck. Tell a player (I'm a player) they suck. Fine.

    But the other threads contained material which went beyond the bounds of mere smack talk and became defamatory in nature.

    So, I wanted to clearly define some of the rules which had been broken in previous threads in this one at the top so that there would be no further breeches. :)

    If you have further questions pertaining to the forum RoC (after you read them) please feel free to message me and I will try to clarify them for you.
  13. Bell .... You suck

     Jk
  14. How dare you Oliver!
  16. Just look at the first screenshot.. he's so sure abt what cambji is doing! :D y so butthurt? If u cant be as much active as cambji.... then stop crying like a baby and quit playing if u hve problems with players being more active than u. If u wud have said the samething here in forums... u wud hve been banned! :D
  17. What's YAFI?
  18. Either way, war is war, if bringing PAL SS is supposed to hurt my argument or something you sure are stupid.

    For someone who uses "noob" and says I can't read... Proof read your messages, you sound like you need a helmet.
  19. And that SS just shows he suspects of it. Doesn't say he knows. Derp.
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