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  1. First post on this page understands!!!
  2. Charles you reset?
  3. @Panic

    Player A is DTW for an entire year, rarely ever takes hits.

    Clan B (AAH) reports a few hits on him, what could be the reasoning?

    Clan B then hits a few more, no DTW, no INC. Seems fishy. Under further investigation, maybe something has happened.

    As I stated earlier, maybe they came to the conclusion that he either lost Internet, real life issues occured, banned, or a plethora of other things could have happened.

    AAH decided, let's strip him! Pretty sad that YAFI didn't DTW their own member in light of the 17T strip.

    We will probably never know of the inner workings of how AAH found out or why they stripped when they did.

    All I know is that it happened, Devs won't reimburse because of suspected botting. When you agree to the ToU (virtual signature) you understand that the Devs can do pretty much w/e they want. In this case, months or even year or so of being DTW sounds too good to be true.
  4. It's really simple - don't cheat and you won't get banned.
  5.  hard to meba but ok cg
  6. @daddyfatsacks- I haven't requested a forum ban on any YAFI members to the best of my knowledge, nor do I have the ability to ban anyone in-game. I just want to keep this topic within the confines of the rules of conduct.
  7. Entirely possible without making a "official" thread for it.
  8. @KA

    It's funny, you think an EX mod would understand keeping spam together. There was 3/4 threads on the "30T" strip along with implications of Devs helping AAH and Belle tipping off AAH.

    You also think an EX mod would understand these are against ATA' ToU.

    No wonder you were demodded, you're ******* stupid.
  9. Then who requested the ban of rip??
  10. @daddy- wasn't me. Not aware of who rip is or what he did.
  11. @Fat

    Mods can report suspicious activity, so can players. It was most likely AAH reporting it, but I can see why. If a player is DTW for months or even a year, obviously that's fishy. Devs don't slap temp bans for nothing. They always have their findings.

    WHICH they DON'T have to release to the PUBLIC, nor said parties. What these threads/posts do is cry cry cry and you will NEVER get the answer you want to hear. The strip happened, he can nob it back up.
  12. @IGCB The other YAFI members couldn't stop the strip, on the first thread Swabia and Yarmes said the Devs changed game mechanics so that your clan can't keep you pinned. They can only slow it down. So they probably were trying.
  13. I'm not seeing the point of this thread. The people who actually care about this topic have made threads, all of which have been locked. Why exactly is this thread necessary when we've already had threads pertaining to the topic. Belle is a spammer.
  14. Because if this one wasn't made another player would have made one anyway.
  15. If they didn't lock the other threads then there wouldn't be any more created.
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