KaW Freestyle Cypher 2018

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  1. Yea. Call me out and I'll return fire.
    I am the emperor, of this empire!
    I say the things, that get you gassed
    I play the punches that whoop yo ass
    Erbody is #7? And San Fran is poo!
    I guess you are Kaepernick, not thinkin through
    How bad could it go? Guess I'll kneel on the flag
    Except Americans, just DON'T do that!
    My Nikes hurt my feet, thanks to Obama
    now there's racism and the death of a comma
    Sentences run on, like it's just ok to do!
    I correct you, but Trump is the excuse!
    Its racist to, even correct a dummy
    I'm a grown man, dont live home with the mummy
    Liberal lyricists, better not cross a path
    Cuz I'm #ProTrump and stump a hole in that ass
  2. Oh snap, I'm back, go on and throw that mic please
    Got fire under my ass like I'm on some throwback Nikes
    Take Mike over Colin they "Just do it" for the hype, jeez
    Sweat shops making profits off of po black type G's
    Yeah you can miss me with that mess
    I ain't falling for that hashtag I'm blessed
    All the gram hotties and they fake smile, fake chests
    Yeah...Kim and her Dad are both women cashin blue checks
    I can't even check Facebook
    fake friends, sharing fake news, getting fake looks
    All of this got you looking at some fake crooks
    Yeah the real problem is we all clickbait hooked
    When's the last time that you listened
    Stop talking to your echo for a minute
    Sat down and heard a different opinion
    You might learn something if you went and did it
    But you don't
    all we want to hear is the same old stories
    Someone telling us that we right, yes more please
    If we don't open up our minds to some more things
    We're gonna end up in another civil war
    Is that really what we want now
    Freedom of speech gets infringed to applause now
    People hold there tongues to avoid getting shot down
    While the people with the guns are the ones taking ours out
    We give em power and we use em like a weapon
    Everyone claiming that they got the worst opression
    Hold each other hostage by the tongue, here's a lesson
    They made speech the first amendment cuz they knew it was the best one
  3. I’ll be ripping on static. A spastic.
    Thinking he’s a G,
    But really he’s just a power bottom wannabe.
    Spitting bars like j roc
    While taking some big black.. wok
    To make some stir fry,
    Comfort food, aww baby don’t cry.
    Like you did last time I farmed
    (Btw a little off topic but the month of March is awareness for the self harmed)

    Oh and thanks for those raps before,
    You’re as crap at that as you are at kaw

  4. None of you quit your day jobs lmao you all suck at bars.
  5. @Ladytyphoid

    I know you kinda hot for me
    You really enjoy saying my name?
    But hey it's not my fault
    You caught up, dating a lame.

    Had to come into the forums
    And try and garner my attention
    So here it is sweetheart...
    I hope its everything you're missin.

    Truth be told though, I'm tired,
    so many drugs got me feeling numb.
    There's a moment where I smiled
    Once the cocaine hit my tongue.

    Only when the razor digs a hole
    do I ever get to see the truth.
    So play your game & tap away
    no way I'm thinkin bout you!

    This ain't a dignified response
    It's a rap for the hell of it.
    Yes a hell so just dwell in it,
    I can tell you're outta your element.

    So go back to Kentucky
    Or whatever backwoods spit you out!
    My names feels good on your tongue?
    Relax baby, let it sit in your mouth. :)
  6. Where’s Will Smith? He raps happy. 

  7. Will still kickin it
  8. Who wanna rap?
  9. Dragon-code & Nerds win kaw versus Kasama & roni .Let the battle commence.:)
  10. Life is changing, rearranging
    Intertwining with gangstas
    If static wants to act tough
    Someone pass me a taser

    Let’s see what really happens
    When the shock meets his maker
    You say that you’re rappin?
    Come on I think you’re a faker

    Typhoid tried to buy an accountant
    husband wouldn’t cut her a check
    So now she sits at home crying
    What an emotional wreck

    Talking trash about women
    And the cuts on their thighs
    Hulls filled up with sea men
    So she’s stuck spewing lies

    Why you making fun of self harm
    We both know everyone dies
    You could be my personal farm
    So girl I hope you act wise

    Static bro I’m just playing homie
    I don’t think you even know me
    But if you click on my name
    Maybe you can follow me
  11. Haha that was fun. Good read. Nice rhymes.
  12. East coast, west coast
    North side and dirty south
    I love it when a hoe flow
    especially with a dirty mouth!

    Kinda gets my rocks off...
    Kinda just took my socks off
    Waiting on a "come back"?
    You better hurry while the - soft

    Cuz the bars hard as hell
    Lyrics go yard like a slugger!
    You'd think that Stats a lover
    cuz got your girl undercovers...

    But really Stats a savage
    Leave her bleedin for no reason
    I make you operate the camera
    While I motorboat the cleavage

    Have you cheering my name
    As I'm pumping out her stomach
    I ain't talking about no overdose
    I'm just making her a woman!

    I fell asleep inside her mouth
    You fell asleep beside the couch
    She woke up and cooked me breakfast
    Then kicked your stupid ass out!

    Hahahaha. Damn.
  13. I’ll give that verse a C
    Your spelling needs work
    She only eating your D
    If you give her a fork

    Everything you say is dirty
    That mouth needs a cork
    And to be honest dude
    I think you’re a dork

    You wanna talk bout my ex
    Yea you know that is rude
    it don’t give you an excuse
    To just go and be lewd

    Bet you alone and abused?
    What about empty and used?
    I know you’re getting old
    So I’ll forgive your short fuse

    You know you’ll always lose
    Cause I’ll always be the best
    And guess what bro?
    I just sent your mom a text

    So have my girl
    I don’t want her
    I’m on to the next
    Hit it then quit it
    Yea, Kitty get rekt
  14. Hahaha

    You're with my mom now?
    Let me know how that goes
    Shes in Woodlawn Cemetery
    Where only wild things grow.
    So if you sending her texts
    it might take awhile to respond.
    In life, theres no respawn
    So outta your reach, and beyond!
    But while we're on the topic
    and we're talking about mothers,
    hows yours doing? Last I heard
    She was getting stalked by your brother.
    Hope things worked out
    Cuz she was a really nice lady.
    I took her bags to the car once
    and declined when she tried to pay me.
    I said "that's ok, ma'am"
    Your beauty is payment enough!
    But I had to block her Facebook
    When she started falling in love.
    But truly and honestly bro
    I'm really wishing her the best!
    She got my attention erect
    in the car when she exposed her breasts.
    We had a few great nights
    it's a turn on, when she screams Static
    But I still feel bad about
    That time she forgot about your practice.
    But to be completely fair bro,
    I kept on telling her to leave!
    But I guess it's hard to drive
    When on your knees and cant breathe!