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  1. Might have to send for Lili ;)
  2. You don't want no smoke young one. You in my domain now, the kaw freestyle king, send for your peeps..

  3. Once upon a time
    There is a girl name Lili
    She think she is tough
    She hit me when she is aztec
    She got kicked
    Jealousy let it go, result could be tragic
    She joined in trade room
    She also got kicked
    People so tired of her drama
    She always got kicked
    She always talk crap
    People never clap
    Her mouth is full of blap
    Because she always got kicked :p
    Move over girl coz Hannah is here
    Before u get kick :D
    Now why u gritting your teeth?
    Oh girl u gotta breathe
    Yeah !
  4. Obviously nobody else can write that badly. My guess is these "not-rhymes" are ur own :roll:

    I got NOTHING for hitting u. Not even a smack on the wrist.
    I was still Aztec council, was still in the biz.
    Nobody even showed that they gave a frigging care
    About what had happened to a stupid ee fairy there :lol:
    I was actually kicked for hitting Tatty and Bandit.
    For speaking my mind without care or edit.
    For not giving a crap, for not being afraid.
    For playing this game like it's meant to be played.
    As for the trade groups :lol: I am self-sufficient.
    Got furniture, charms, seals. Very efficient.
    I troll them for fun, dun care bout market.
    It's u who wants her shaggy drapes to match a stinky carpet.
    U came here with stolen bars so u can get discarded.
    Somebody get this chic a chair cause she's mentally re-re-re-re... just handicappeded. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. U hit coz u are re——
    Unstable minded
    With full of crap
    Nobody likes u
    Your rhymes pathetic..
    Pathetic like you,
    U got charms but u aint a charm :D
  6. Ive saw your glow
    Through a window
    Open Into Your soul
    You are a perfect
    rainbow of delight
    shinning brilliant
    colors Into this life
    the most vibrant of
    light there is to sight
    More illuminating
    Then the moon at night
    An Brighter then the stars
    There’s No pot of gold
    at your Rainbows end
    But in my need for riches
    you transcend ya wealth
    Much vaster than Oceans
    of endless skies girl My pot
    of gold lies within your eyes
  7. How can I
    Dive into
    a speechless
    my eyes licking
    your thoughts
    up and down
    Begin to drown
    Soul sexual
    so Intense
    Become unbound
    Unwound set free
    kick back relax
    an let my Heart
    massage your
    My hands been
    about stimulating
    your Sexy body
    All My senses
    taking a dive into
    your ocean of beauty
    Me Licking You
    Just a single tasting
    of your though
    process has my soul
    begging for mercy
    My poetry is art
    slowly making
    love to your heart
    without touching
    You physically
    Diving deeply Within
    each stanza hitting
    Your every spot
    penetrating you
    mentally ya thoughts
    carving my name
    in the marrow of your
    soul my words pouring
    out like a rainbow Idk
    Loves circumstances
    are beyond my control
    I let go let it be Love is
    Free Me I’m left Admiring
    Thee In awe your exquisite
    features wow pure beauty
    profiled I hope my every
    verb strokes your conscious
    Leaving yo essence running wild
  8. @88rising

    This world has shaped u into an egoistic clown.
    They don't let u sore watching to bring u down.
    I am not on the list to get to heaven.
    Counted all my sins and I got to seven.
    I had enough pain. I want me an injection.
    An executioner in this natural selection,
    I crossed a lot of roads and the hell with them.
    All roads lead to Rome. We'll meet in there then.
    But every day i feel hatred from this herd.
    And every day is a battle for the last word.
    Who are these people who won't let me be? :lol:
    I see the heaven but it doesn't see me.
    God is busy and I am sick of waiting for his prophet.
    If this is heaven then I am cutting myself off it.

    Running the razor edge, dun care bout the cut.
    Knocking at the heaven's door and it stays shut.
    Bringing ur desperation to the next level.
    So tell me who i am? an angel or a devil? :lol:

    Time taught me not to trust in anyone.
    Better to walk alone than with a knife in my bum
    Too many b..'s want to be a friend, yes? :lol:
    78 inc and 11 success.
    World is gaining colors only after 5th shot.
    No light at the end of this tunnel. It had a short.
    Not crucified but resurrected five times.
    Dun look for me in heaven under old alias.
    Some see world through rose glasses from a leather seat.
    Ice is getting thinner under others' feet.
    If i'm a low life to walk the bottom to rebel,
    Then reserve me a spot in this apocalyptic hell.
    Rather die a hero than to fade away at a trough.
    Smerk on my face is peeving Lucifer off.
    This is a manifesto of a DKOD queen.
    I was born again in 2018.

    Running the razor edge, dun care bout the cut.
    Knocking at the heaven's door and it stays shut.
    Bringing ur desperation to the next level.
    So tell me who i am? an angel or a devil? :lol:

  9. I like Kathama momma poo poo

    Taste like chocolate Yoo Hoo

    Makes me yell WOO! WOO!

    Kathama momma poo poo like a train I Choo! Choo! to the bowl so I can eat that yummy poo poo yummy poo poo put it in my mouth and I chew chew got to get there before you do cause after you taste that poo poo you’ll race to the table like I do

    Nothing like poo poo from my boo boo...

    Poo poo from my Boo Boo...

    Poo poo from my Boo Boo...

    Poo poo from my Boo Boo...

    You should taste that Kathama momma poo poo if you like it like I do we can take turns and pull a train on that poo poo ...”CHOO!! CHOO!!”

    I says...

    “CHOO!” “CHOO!”
    Kathama momma poo poo!

    “CHOO!” “CHOO!”

    I said If you like it like I do we can pull a Choo Choo train on that POO! POOOO! I said

    POO! POOOOO!...

    POO! POOOO!...

  10. There once was a man from Nantucket
    With a ...

    Oops wrong forum
  11. ...Kathama momma dookie doo

    Kathama momma poopie poo

    I likee likee yes I do
    ...comes out solid and I chewy chew

    If a liquid I gulp it like chocolate Yoo Hoo.

    If you catch a smelly fart or two don’t be crying boo hoo hoo it’s what you have to go through to get to that yummy yummy poopie poo.

  12. ...did I win? 
  13. yes :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. "Suicide"

    I remember reading a saying when somebody reached out for help
    Reaching out for someone else but I was all by myself
    I could not imagine, that there was ever friends
    Imaginary beings that never
    Lent a hand
    I remember looking around,
    In awe of all the friends
    That everybody has had
    And wonderin where they've been.
    What they've been into, and how they got so cool
    Oh it's life long friendship?
    Too bad I went to different schools
    In envy of the relationships
    Now I'm too grown to care
    Glad yall had good parents
    Glad yall never knew despair
    I ate that ****, though.
    I was raised by these streets
    Adopted by the razor
    And adapted to the heat
    Now the boy is lonely
    But hes been lonely all his life
    In his mind, he keeps roaming
    Hoping that he sees the light.
    Wondering what the night brings
    Is it better than life scares?
    Is everyone dying,
    Trying to fight nightmares?
  15. You know I had to drop one at least once.

    On some other vibes now.

    I know what I've done aint the best
    But how dare you compare me to the rest
    It's been 2 weeks and im still stuck in bed
    This is just life when you know that you depressed
    Barrel in my mouth pull the trigger i feel blessed.
    I'm still here i keep my heart up on my chest
    Suicidal thoughts bruh what did you expect
    Had to do myself that's why i left

    I had to think hard on it
    What am i even here for
    Am I just a joke to you?
    So I vanish.

    My real question did I make a difference.
    If I never cam back would any of you remember. <3

    - Wattz
  16. Dark. I like it. Thanks, Wattz.
  17. I remember you. As long as you write well, I'll never forget you.