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  1. meet drgoat, a 20 year-old eb fairy. after coming home from an hard day of eb tap tap, he logs into his kaw to find a 20/20 attack inc… what the hell?!

    ok chill out, relax is the spliffgod

    screw this god, i’ll run cry to some mods
    while i was tap tapping on ebs you took my gold?!
    i thought we were friends, instead you’re so cold!

    wait what if i had a reason for my attacks?

    what? you wanted to take a bite out of my snacks?

    ok goat, maybe i really stole your gold
    but chill out bro you’re just getting trolled!

    at the end man you know you’re my brother,
    let’s see how you answer my rap, maybe i’ll write another.
  2. Spliffgod callin me out
    Like I’m a fool?
    Son I’ll slap you so hard
    You’ll start to drool.
    Put in your bets
    There’s gonna be a pool,
    Spliff gonna learn he’s just another tool.

    Now they don’t call me G.O.A.T for nothin
    Comin at ya hot
    Straight out the oven,
    I’ll shove you up
    Like thanksgiving stuffin.
    Greatest Of All Time,
    Y’all didn’t see that comin.

    All y’all gonna learn
    Not to rap against me
    I’m the best there will ever be
    Be ready for a burn.

    Who’s got the next turn?
    Who wants to step up?
    I’ve already got the bodies
    piling up in my pickup truck.

  3. pickup truck? we know you ride horses
    you’ve got bodies? look at my corpses
    this rhyme, like a rocket, it launches…
    into space, like the number of your losses

    you can count those, but you ain’t got no wins
    you’re tapping so fast it makes my head spin
    i’m gonna dump you in the ocean, you better know how to swim.

    you’re taking about burns, bro i’m on fire
    smoking another spliff, just trynna get higher,
    i’m gonna crush you so hard, they’re gonna think you’re a flyer.
  4. This one goes out to all the ladies:

    Now y’all know I’m driven
    By manual transmission
    So grab my stick shift
    And assume the position.
    They look at me,
    And I know they’re stricken.
    But ladies c’mon,
    The clock is tickin.

    They say
    Goat is the hottest,
    The flyest,
    The best,
    Bring that ass here
    Put me to the test.

    Leave your boyfriend behind
    Come see what’s poppin,
    I’ll blow your mind
    While the best are droppin.

    Come and get some
    See for yourself
    See why they say
    Golden Goat is top shelf.
  5. Clock is tickin, ladies.
  6. That was terrible
  7. You write something then squishy..
  8. i am pretty sure it will keep on ticking :lol: :lol:
  9. Is it me or they edited static's bars?
  10. These clowns think they have skills and flow.
    Their bars are rusty. Their rhymes blow.
    This pow-wow is a deja vu.
    I already deja blew
    this cometition.
    Absolute demolition.

    88rising? 88falling.
    And crawling
    In the dust of my glory.

    Wanna go 20/20?
    U dun spit bars, only drool.
    Ur cup is empty.
    Mine is full, fool.

    Shark decided to change his name,
    Thinks it makes him less lame? :lol:
    Only thing u biting in
    To is ur pillow when devils move in.

    U think y'all wrote something? i am ur epilogue.
    Alpha to ur omega. Bite to ur shark :lol:
    Gonna muzzle up ur watchdog.
    Let's see how loud gets ur bark.

    It's a devil at ur door.
    Boom, boom.
    Took ur gold and she came for more.
    Left u naked, took ur soul.
    Boom, boom.
    Hasta la vista, bro
  11. Your lyrics are trash
    they leave people with a rash
    how did she even get baked
    your the one working at steak n shake
    u r just waisting your time
    with your pathtetic made up ryhmes
    so just crawl in your bed
    cause that rap u just read
    it left u on the floor practically dead
    I will settle this Boom Boom Pow!
    With your big stats still fail..Hmm sounds pretty fun
    Before the rest start I will be done
    My raps are like fire
    always burning
    Watch me as I walk in to my empire.
  12. Yea its true my raps suck
    My bars leave em with their mouths open
    People literally get offended
    like when you catch a child smokin!
    Low-key confidence for the win
    So lemme go ahead and borrow some!
    Matter of fact, just lemme rub you
    or love you until tomorrow's done.
    Oh snap it got awkward there...
    Perhaps thats why the awkward stares
    But having nothing for so long,
    Eats at you, til youve lost your cares!
    So the mainframe is lonely
    Just like the broken road you roaming
    Out in open sky, you feel wanted,
    no home, so to a broken heart you're homing
    And thats where youll find me...
    Steady tryin to pick my raps apart
    Searchin for a flicker in the dark,
    But cant even muster half a spark.
    Where did things go so wrong?
    How did I arrive at destinations,
    that I dont remember driving to?
    Meanwhile the whole night is wasted!
    When did things become tasteless?
    Girl please, when did I stop chasin?
    When did our light burn out?
    How come we abandoned patience?
    A thousand years of sorrow
    Plus a million years of pain
    Now my heart cant be witnessed
    just like a chameleon in the rain.
  13. Hold on Lili I know you didn't just come at me with out a notice? Runnin that mouth like you owned it, we all knew who taught you, daddy 88, taught you how to handle it like issa shake weight. i hit at the perpendicular, in other words the right angle, had you coming back even for the sample. Imma turn you into a mauder, I'm sicker than manslaughter, vehicular, a sicker calligrapher, practitioner, stamped by liquids signature, i administer, sinister, the death minister, A left visitor. is left prisonered, my rap text never similar, i shelve listeners.

    with a flow thats twelve cylinder, college and knowledge created this illness, twisted, gifted, witness, the sickness, i give em the business, deliver em christmas, early, dirty, visions and decisions blurry, a god flow i speak and teach for the clergy, oh dear me fear me sincerly,your not worthy. I'll turn you into practice, have you suffering from hyperpnea, make you wet longer than the fountain Piazza Santa Maria!!!

  14. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  15. Uh oh we got a copy cat

  16. Her first one was stolen too

    :lol: :lol: :lol: busted
  17. Dead exposed lol
  18. When i read that only one person comes to mind, her name is lili yo!
  19. Attention folks.

    I'm here to enjoy the game.
    Wars will never come to the dev's attention.
    i'm not here for the fame.
    this is honestly getting pretty lame.
    I can't stand all this toxic tension.
    It's all about the money and the reputation.
    man go use that money on a vacation.
    All these b2b events?
    now that's not very intense.
    This game needs to advertise.
    or come to a compromise.
    We play for old times sake.
    give us back what you so easily take.
    we understand you guys think your god
    but nobody here will agree and nod.

    thank you.


  20. Did u think long and hard over this one or robbed somebody's facebook? :roll:

    Ur rap is crap,
    It leaves people with a clap.
    So shut ur trap
    Before u get b-slapped.
    Anthony's lyrics ain't no Shakespeare.
    U had to rob a kindergarten just to get here.
    A mangy poodle and a stanky llama.
    The only title u can hold is in drama :lol: :lol: :lol: