KaW Freestyle Cypher 2018

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  1. "KaW Freestyle Cypher 2018"

    If you don't know what this is, please back out until u get to the "search" screen, and type in KaW Cypher 2017ish.

    The rules are simple:

    1: dont bite lyrics from your fav lyricist.

    2: If you dont ryhme, move on.

    3: Trolls will be reported.

    4: This is 9+ but Im 25+, so just dont get too wild.

    5: This is, and will always be, a thread for battle rappers and poets.

    6: There are no winners or losers, but there will be casualties.

    Rhyme Thiefs:

  2. Hi, my name is Static...
    And ya boy fresh off a coke binge
    Been cleaning up my nostrils
    Been fightin all you hoes since,
    2002 when things were ok...
    Yall keep Pudding values away
    When Cosby was fam, and doubts on OJ
    Must be nice to be so perfect
    *Steals Typhoid spine out*
    Have her limping like she Burfect
    Oh wait no thats not right...
    I guess ryhmes get crazier
    I hit her in such a way
    The chick went limp like Shazier!
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  3. Better be wearing your heels,
    if you want to elevate over me, cause when i start yabbering i dont stay grounded i levitate,
    my messages prove I'm from the higher echelon,
    " im just that Great "
    I'm cutting edge - state of the art,
    go against me your end-game is looking bleak,
    i have no remorse,
    ill leave you in the dark.
    Sob,sob i can hear you wallow,
    let me break this down for you,
    I'll leave you with no tomorrow.
    Verbally ill sever your vocal cord,
    left speechless:- aint no hellcat that can do it better ,
    you should just quit now,
    call in a sickie stating
    " under the weather " .
    Ain't no one can step in my realm and own it ,
    I'm invincible you cant harm me,
    i'm protected by my patronus.
    You just basic,
    once i rev up my motor mouth ,
    you're going on a journey :- down south.
    you can give it your best shot,
    but aint no way you can compare.
    I'll blow you out the water so quickly,
    my loser burning skills are just that nifty.
    I'll blast you from here to kingdom come,
    you better say your goodbye's now,
    because your life on kaw will be done.
    your man will be left agog,
    roni babe, god damn holy molly,
    you is the best trolly,
    you are so resplendent & delectable,
    i once had a heart of ice,
    but you just left it meltable.
    roni you're all that i need ,
    let's arrange our next date,
    i know a girl of your caliber has a busy schedule,
    but I'd do anything to fit around you,
    my calendar 's flexable.
    Sorry Mrs blankpage i just took your man,
    you were just that undesirable !
  4. Jbakes on the beat you know that I bring the heat, playing this game for a grip but still to this day I haven’t gotten a tip. But it’s okay cause you already know how I play I be clicking these buttons all day. The stats don’t lie I’m kinda a fly guy loyalty is the game I don’t do it for the fame. Rapping all day for the Alpha boys you already know how we bring the noise. Don’t mess with us or else you’ll catch this dust. Go clean off because that’s enough.
  5. The kaw freestyle king just entered in the doorway super late, came in with a machete
    y'all ain't prepared or even ready these maimers are steady
    I'm Veri steady
    Well trained I'm spittin this 36 chambers deadly,
    WDGAF deadly I'mma nerd wit words versed to hurt wit the smart bits
    Walkin on my comp like carpet my smart darts take aim at these targets
    You talkin smack my craft will distribute yo body like crack
    Ya whole scheme'll get broken apart like we playin Minecraft

    So please as a start to this thread drop a line that can combat this verbal Screech
    These words'll beat in seconds this verbal Beast keepin it verbal brief...
  6. Yoloking has returned,I thought I was gonna retire......I lied 
  7. walking into town with my legs hooved up
    gotta teach these clowns how to farm and stuff
    i got 33 royals on my alt account
    start this epic battle or i might just bounce


    lonesong is the name and i troll real hard
    but at the end of the day im just another bard
    dropping mad rhymes in the world of chat
    got these haters tryna wall me, no im blockin that.

    homies wanna be me but they dont got smarts
    hire one ally and you get some wall arts

    listen up folks now heres the truth
    i got 899tril banked in silver bars, woot

    jk im poor lol
  8. To -veritas-:

    You get on with life as WDGAF
    You're a cheaters kinda person.
    You like staying inside on Sundays,
    You like hockey in the week.
    You like to contemplate about protection,
    But when you start to daydream,
    Your mind turns straight to breaking the tou,

    You like to use words like 'noobs,'
    You like to use words like 'weak.'
    You like to break tou.
    But when you stop your talking,
    Kidding, veritas never stops talking,

    You like to hang out with apocalypse,
    You like to kick back with ,
    But when left alone,
    You can’t function as an OSW clan,

    You're not too fond of iG,
    You really hate Invictus,
    But you just think back to the old WDGAF,
    You wish you could’ve had more protection
  9. C40 i fell in love with that 40Stupid apoc always asking me why they call me c40 because if u think your in your prime I'm taking u out your glory look I'm tryna catch a body and tell my homies a story and I got used to the crap u don't get used to cocking a tool wave the 40 at em like yahoo then knock on his noodle we pop out like toaster strudels all us be dogs not poodles and Bach was in the trap eating noodles and oodles I got that 40 by my hip and I'm not worried about crap disrespect me if u want and I'm gonna let it rip 40 50shots out the clip and plus I hollowed the tip put a beam on the front and rubber for better grip like wohoooo I don't think u wanna go there I'm with people who will strip and won't tell put a couple seals on yo head like whoow there
  10. Oooooooh I love osw raps!
  11. Heard apoc has seals on my head
  12. I lack Rhythm, bars, and flow.. Wanna See?
    Its was slight passed 1993--Oh-Em-Gee.
    It was all just some conspiracy. OJ a homicide suspect,.. Are you kiddin' me?
    A glove that didn't fit and a knife? is that all you have on me?
    If I known this prior I wouldn't of had bad publicity. nor attorneys fees.
    So many media outlets used my story to get hits until an Easy E and Dre beef would leak.
    Jury found The Juice innocent. Its what it had to be.
    Do you find that hard to believe? All I am is a football legend that grew up in the dirty streets.
    Fast forward in time, and cover a real criminal named, Casey Anthony.
    There's a documentary for ya MTV.
  13. “Search screen” keeps telling me it’s unavailable when I want to search,but Goodluck ig
  14. Night. Getting high on u to the last kiss,
    Wherever u go, I'm gonna miss this..
    To the last breath, to the last beat
    U are in my blood. I am at ur feet.

    But i'm on the edge, giving it up,
    Starting to fall. Scared I can't stop.
    Winter with me.
    Like a bird to warm sea,
    I stay and u...

    U fly away to the edge of the sky.
    No going back, no tears, just fly.
    Fly, fly away without regret.
    I am only a memory and never the end.

    Draw a circle around us. White line.
    Can't be without u as much as i try.
    Crossing my own borders, crushing against my limit.
    Holding each other close, counting every minute.

    It is not u. It is me screaming.
    It is not u. I can't believe it.
    The time drives in the wedge
    Like razor edge.
    U stay and I..

    I fly away to the edge of the sky.
    No going back, no tears, just fly.
    Fly, fly away without regret.
    I'm only a memory and never the end.

    Not a rap lol. just free style
  15. Hey
    Hey, you beautiful!
    Hey, you beautiful but,
    Im tryin see that beautiful butt!
    Only sayin
    ONLY sayin what?
    Only sayin its a beautiful butt!
  16. Static, my guy...
    You knew it was time,
    The return of snoop the cyph-Master,
    Holy heck this might be a disaster,
    Call me Katrina,
    Because imma blow you away,
    Call me Tyson,
    Because I’m knock you right out,
    Dang go ahead and call me
    .44 magnum, because imma blow your mind now, right now? Ight now it’s right now,
    Go ahead and try to call me right out,
    You know I’m not scared of no fight out,
    So do it right now, ight now? Cool man right now...

  17. Listen Bach I know you worship me i dont, the feeling isnt mutual,I'm the kaw freestyle king been a sick kid since i was a juvinile,
    beating or defeating me ur delusional, not suitable, for a flow ever created so beautiful,
    a little food for thought i just show that flow is so consumable, can't resist this luminal, that means your RESILIENCE is easily removable, yea tell them i said hi cause y,all don't understand we're VERI scary and y'all sweet, can literally eat, tear secreet, the beat, our words riddle streets, with bullets that passes like pistol pete,
    so i suggest u just delete, i crush defeat, hush please, no returning back for your receipt, trust if i bust ull retreat,ur spies deplete,
    When we bring de heat, ill have u visualize and see the street. liquid upper echolant knowledge part of de elite, ill ronnie lott ur shot decleat ur beef..
  18. Bachkeda beep beep beep
    Thanks for the back up
    Your lines make me crack up..
    U cant even stack up..
    You are looking to get smack up..!
    Lyrically hacked up!
    You’re face all jacked up..
    You cant even success scout
    But looks like u have more mouth than teeth
    The moment u hit and failed, just 3x
    Iam not impressed
    Imma finish the bar for you 20/20 assasinate
    We all know im the best!
    So why dont you take a rest?
    How bout you sit down?
    Before i kick u out of kaw?
    Aw is that a frown
    Did i hit your crown?
    You wanna school me?
    Boy u cant fool me!
    Iam the master, i created that blaster
    Hah! Buttman, seriously u called that a rap?
    Your lines are a joke.
  19. I call this one dear Stan

    Dear shark,
    I know that I'm a fool
    For hatin' on you
    Your just so cool.
    And I wanna be just like you

    I know I talk hard
    Like I'm a big man
    But honestly
    I'm really your biggest fan.

    I know we are in war
    And I know your gonna fight me
    But I just wanted to ask
    Would you plz try not to bite me!

    Dear backenda,

    I got your letter
    I've just been busy keeping all your friends up in the blenda
    And yea I get it
    your just big a pretenda

    But on I real note
    I'm tired of the hostility
    You feelin me?
    This is it
    The jokes are over

    So send me some Inc back
    I'd like to see it
    I'd like to know that I'm not Puting all these hits on you for no reason

    Sincerely, Shark-The Wiggle Smacker