AoC S3 Commemorative

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  1. Nothing but love and respect to AOC. CAJUN I know you've worked your ass off for this and it couldn't have happened to a better person.
    Broken your wc skills rock bro. Keep up the good work.
    To all the ppl at AOC you are good kick ass ppl.
    Enjoyed EVERY war I was able to do there.
    Best of luck going forward.
  2. Wrong flag
  3. The Articles of Confederation was a government article before the constitution was made, not anything to do with Confederates.
  4. Sure but to use american flags in same sense as a confederacy in america?
    Only one flag to choose
  5. But there is nothing generally related to the Confederates...
  6. Ok lol
    I see your point, im redneck.
    There is only one flag to use in america when speaking of a confederacy.
  7. Peace.

    Thanks for letting me "drive-thru" a few times. Good luck going forward, except against LaR of course.
  8. Titan I wasn't at AoC but it was a pleasure in the last chaos wars to war with you. Sorry I let you down a few of those times. Glad you did well.
  9. Forgot me  grats AoC!
  10. AoC Pride
  11. Stinky settle down this thread about the season not the flags bud it's all good 
  12. Great thread TITAN
    Respect to AoC
  13. Congratulations AoC members. Thanks for letting me war there a cpl times  Best of luck in S4 ️
  14. Nice presentation, thread well done.

    Congrats on the season and on your level 50 rewards
  15. Oh wow Titan awesome thread bro & very nicely presented. As previously stated we have an amazing family here, the only clan I have ever been in that actually felt like a family. CC is always active & lively, everyone makes the changes they need to with their build for the benefit of the clan as a whole, everyone does incredible in all aspects of war (well 99% of the time =), I just can't say enough!

    Our final war such a testament to our ability to work as a team & such an incredible way to end the season. Averaging 8-12 kos per enemy turtle wave & gaining such a nice lead at the end from being behind in the beginning. Excellent work everyone!

    It has certainly been an honor to fight alongside of our AoC warriors and I look forward to the upcoming Chaos Wars!
  16. Congratulations! IT's funny I know half peeps in 50 club yout named :)
  17. Congrats Titan!To you and your clan!
  18. Grats big brother. Sorry couldnt work it out to war with you. Maybe next season.
  19. Thank you Selaphia  I appreciate your kind words, giggles brother, season 4 you and I man start to finish no other way around it 