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  1. Salivating. Not sure that's what I should be doing on this thread tho ;)
  2. Biscuit for you.
  3. I had to teach my GF what an outlet store is, her logic is it's the ugly stuff. She had no problem spending $600 on stuff when I took her :lol:
  4. Don't show her KaW
  5. Op, didn't see this in your thread you forgot "A woman may not always be right".... "BUT SHE IS NRVER WRONG!"
  6. A woman does not want to fix the issue. She just wants you to listen to her talk about it.
  7. When a woman asks you if another woman is prettier than her. ITS A TRAP there is no right amwser to this.
  8. Yes, saw Its not about the nail lol
  9. there never is lol
  10. You escaped cheap hahaha
    I spent more than 4k on just a 'date' :lol:
  11. :eek: Wanna go on a date with me? I'll even text you back.
  12. I actually found a solution to this one that defuses the situation.

    See if you answer no, she'll at you were looking at her anyway, and if you say yes, she'll lose it. Just say, "Who?"
  13. Then she's gonna say that you don't ever pay attention to her or your surroundings!
    It's a big bad trap haha
  14. Lol sure! :lol:
  16. This is too sexist to be true.
  17. But it issss true :lol:
  18. God bless the op's brave soul. May he rest in peice...but i doubt it theres probably some woman nagging his ear off as we speak
  19. There's an original way to keep the v card op
  20. There actually is, tyvm lol
    We do need them afterall :lol: