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  1. Sir. .... U diserve an A+
  2. My teachers would have disagreed. But thank you. Sources?
  3. As a woman I enjoyed reading this topic. I've often been told I am not an ordinary female. I don't shop, enjoy sports, petrol head so know my cars, is comfortable propping up the bar chatting guy stuff, but I'm also a great cook and know how to keep my man happy ;)

    You forgot one tho! When asked if she's ok and a woman answers "Fine!" She's anything but :D
  4. Quick question, how do you prefer your steak?
  5. Medium/Rare. Not sure how that is relevant but hey ho
  6. I am sure he's a lucky guy to have you :D
    The fine part, well, that is something everyone should know haha
  7. That sir, is correct :lol:
  8. I think I've found you, finally.
  9. I've never met a girl who enjoys shopping. You know who likes shopping? Rich people.

    People who like sports aren't called men. They are called athletes or fans. And women can be one too.

    The only thing there that stuck out to me in the slightest was the car stuff. But it wasn't much because I know go karts, cause I raced them. So.

    But you're right. You're not a typical woman. No women are a typical woman. :roll:
  10. Good read :lol:
  11. No grills on kaw
  12. But I like a nice steak, or even some grilled chicken! This is terrible news,
  13. I hate steak
  14. I will hunt you down and eat you.
  15. On that subject i was supposed to go to outback last night but we didnt so i nvr got my steak n now im sad
  16. I hate steak too C: #bromancebegins
  17. Outback is nothing. Go to Texas, and try a place called Saltgrass Steakhouse. Holy crap, it is the best steak and ribs ever.
  18. Saltgrass Steakhouse mmmm now I want steak Zeth thanks
  19. Welcome.