 Highland Prices 

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Father, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Sorry, i meant 40b to 70b.
  2. So if Ur not lc then u don't have the highlands? I do but must be cuz I'm a lc reset
  3. 2Trillion 70 billion for all that combined? Damn
  4. 2040 bil to LC highland 625-630 bil to BC them with T4s = 2665 bil (aproximately 2.7tril)
  5. yes you need to have completed the "explorer" achievement
  6. Fixed an error with 19th land.
  7. I'm only on 5th land.. 9,000,000,000 :/
  8. Donkey, after 160b land is 170b, not 185b. Pls correct when you have moment. Thanks
  9. Thx donkey lol that's alot of money for the last land and others
  10. i love talking to the devs lol they seem pretty cool i email them practically every day just too talk LOL
  11. maj did you silence that guy on my wall i walled you about it :)
  12. Tyvm donkey.. You post more this kinds of guide to help kaw player more meaningful then mute people lah...
  13. Ty donkey not you maj lmao.
  14. Does anyone know the nob exchange rates for the lands?