Noob, Newb, Troll, Reg, or Vet.

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  1. Hello!
    So I have decided to make a game thread. I've made this same thread on pimd (yes, that dreaded app that many of you dislike) and it's gotten to quite a few posts. I believe I've made the same thread here, but I can't find it lol.

    So pretty much you just rate the person above you on the following categories:

    Newb: A completely new player who has no experience in the game.

    Noob: A newer player who is often disliked.

    Troll: A person who bashes or tries to get unnecessary laughs from players.

    Reg: A regular player who you may often see. He/she a basic idea of the game.

    Vet: . A veteran player who has been here a while and has a wide spread knowledge about the game.

    Simple, right? The game will start by rating me. But the person below is most likely just going to rate me a noob/newb which is obviously expected.


    P.S.: I just retrieved my account, and if you have any tips for newer players, that would be appreciated.
  2. ^noob. that was at op. i have no idea who the next guy is.

    btw i have no idea who the op is, either.
  3. Veteran
  4.  obv newblet
  5. d4rk is a noob, what are you on about