im sorry poppabear

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  1. Ok i farmed thechosenking then he asked poppabear to help him so he got his alt to steal a couple times from me then we had a truce and i asked my friend to farm poppa's alt b4 we had our truce and he farmed him pretty bad so they stripped me and him but we deserved it. Lets just say if i didnt call my friend in this wouldnt have happened at all we all could have a good time kawing and in the end be friends after this mess. Listen poppa i know i screwed up will u forgive me and call a cf?
  2. That was a damn good apology.
  3. Yeah well i dont want it to continue i just want to be friends poppa is a nice guy at heart
  4. Nice appolagy
  5. wow! good apology!
  6. I think Poppa should accept the apology. It seems heartfelt and genuine.
    This all depends if the number of hits, strips and steals are proportionate to the amount of anger released upon Blue-killer 
    ~ LT.
  7. Just as a general warning to everybody... Don't mess with PoppaBear, he gets mean... Fast
  8. An apology worth accepting imho.
  9. good apology man. way to turn foes into friends. i think...
  10. If poppa accepts I will stop hits. Leave the bears alone
  11. I love Poppa/MommaBear ^_^ such nice people, until you hit them.
  12. Learn from this lesson good apology
  13. I was a fool to have done that
  14. Good apology. I hope he excepts.
  15. Blue,
    Excellent apology, thank you as it was honestly more than I thought you would post.
    Heart and myself will cf on you, but we will continue on your friend who unfortunately stuck his nose in this 24 hours after our original problem started.

     ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟H ͟E ͟A ͟R ͟T ͟O ͟F ͟G ͟O ͟L ͟D ͟ 

    Forum trolls  do not post on this thread 
  16. Poppabear for the win
  17.  lalalalalalala
  18. Op request a lock now, purpose of thread is finished
  19. Don't request lock, maybe your friend would like to expound further on this apology thread before he turns into our perm farm and we pass him down to our kids to pick the bones dry . 