 Fact or Fiction 

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  1. Fact. You have a cap on purchases , they do not regen.

    Fury has only 6 different players active. Players, not accounts... 
  2. Fiction.
    KaW was the top grossing app in the apple App Store at one point.
  3. Fiction
    Robert Durst owns ATA
  4. Fact

    Top 10 flower event hunters have sealed over 100 times
  5. When I was in elementary school, Pluto was our ninth planet. Only recently did scientists decide Pluto was not big enough to be a planet. So, I still say Pluto is a planet.
  6. I always thought it was infact classified as a "dwarf planet" and was never actually classed as a planet..... But anyway on with the game

    I am a trustworthy person and never been guilty of being mole
  7. Totally fiction :lol:

    I don't have 12 abyss lands explored *moon face*
  8. Fiction.
    Adding up all current and previous mods, they number in the hundreds.
  9. Fact.

    My power level is over 9,000!!!
  10. fiction. You forgot to pay your electric bill and hsve zero power.

    Everything in my name is actually true.
  11. I wish that was a fact :lol: but sadly, it's fiction. :(

    I'm gonna compete in the next ASW
  12. Fiction.
    There is over 1,500 seals used everyday (average) in KaW
  13. Um.... Fiction.
    (also I forgot to say I'm not an alt :p)

    There's a group in forums which is only for mods
  14. Group? Or section? Or same thing? If you mean section, then fact.

    There's 25k active players in kaw.
  15. Based on rankings in the event, id say fact for "accounts"...but fiction if u r consider players to be people, as alts inflate the data.

    Eating bar snacks make you thirsty.
  16. Wut... Fact?

    There is over 40 items in the marketplace
  17. fact

    Redstar Reset more than 5 times.
  18. Fact

    Life is boring
  19. fiction (try to go hiking :lol: let's see what's boring)

    I like pvp
  20. Fiction
    The devs helped a a clan in a system war