 Fact or Fiction 

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  1. (Mine was fact)
    I have 45 psion
  2. Fiction

    I'm watching despicable me right now
  3. Fiction.
    I have over mayoa 5000 fountains
  4. Fiction. I have under 5000 fountains
  5. Mine was a fact.
    My phone has 6% battery left right now.
  6. If you like to live dangerously, fact.

    First KaW player was v3n0m
  7. Fact,
    I'm top 100 in pvp
  8. Fact
    Shilph was the first player to become number one on the leaderboard, reset, and become number one again.
  9. Kool-Aid was before him
  10. False
    Moose was playing only 4 months and they made him a mod in August 2011.

  11. Idiot, Pluto isn't a planet

  12. Fact. Emeth was the only statless player to be #1 on the leaderboard
  13. Thats kind of a trick question if you ask me.
  14. False
    Red/cella stripped in 2012..
    This was infact a fact red cella and another account believed to be reds alt was stripped by none other than Yafi back in 2012.. What followed changed kaw forever
  15. They were stripped or got stripped?
    There are over 50,000 clans in kaw
  16. I'm gunna say fiction. Maybe 10000.

    I'm drunk
  17. Fact. Your posts reflect the ideals of a drunkard.

    I have no good friends irl
  18. I don't support this thread...

  19. No question.
    There is no cap on nobility regens.