 Fact or Fiction 

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  1. Simple game.
    To start:
    I'll post something that is fact or fiction. You determine its validity. Then you call FACT or FICTION and follow it with a fact or fiction post of your own.

    Redstar has the most allies

    You post:
    (Insert another fact or fiction statement your choice)

    Stay on topic
    Leave the devs out
    Pics allowed
    Screenshots allowed
    Photoshop allowed
    When referring to a kaw player, use their full username.
    Use web links for proof on 3rd party claims

    To disprove someone.
    Or to lead someone on a hunt for the truth.
  2. Reserved
  3. I have over 20k successful attacks.
  4. Fact

    I have 135bil bank and out
  5. There is no way to tell. I'd guess fiction for your sake

    Pluto is not a planet
  6. Fiction

    I'm a ex top 1000 player on another account
  7. Fact. Op is a bit of a noob.
  8. Fact

    Frog just made me laugh
  9. Fact

    Frogs have warts
  10. Fiction (Toads do)

    Op just failed
  11. Fiction

    Op is a mid
  12. Fact

    Op is reading these and mad
  13. Fiction

    I am an alt
  14. Fact,

    I thought only Toads had warts from lacking the antioxidants frogs have
  15. Fiction, read the link above.

    The movie Fight Club was filmed in 1997
  16. Fiction

    Cella pays over $2000 a week on seals
  17. Fiction

    I'm top 150 in PVP event
  18. Fiction.
    I have 97 seals.
  19. Fiction
    I have 22 horns