Women VS Men Annual SWAR

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  1. Neither side won. I really thought this year the war would have worked out fine. All the issues we've had the last few times like stripping, rules were made for.

    Obviously there was banter. The boys complained that they were bored with all the ladies in pin.. and the girls complaining that the rosters were uneven and were receiving outside hits from ppl in the third party app room. Both correct.
    Then someone let the boys in, after I said not to. (Won't say who coz it was an honest mistake) And everyone went nuts on a third party app. I am too KaW old for this pettiness. Unfortunately incompetence will always prevail on this tap tap game.
    After a 20 hour trip I was willing to WC because no one stepped up. Let alone the amount of women that showed up was very disappointing.
    I organized with Belle, ffs. And we wouldn't mind watching each other die So if we can.. other women can too.

    I am extremely disappointed with some people's disrespect and unnecessary rage over a war that has no impact on anything.. no osw.. no event.. no EE edge... NOTHING - literally just organized for fun.

    The issue with the boys joining could have been solved, yes. But when people act the way they did, I have no interest. 
  2. Just 20mins before you posted you don't trust any online gender - at least try to be clever forum troll....
  3. _Balle_ the known war runner. You come and cry again lol. Yes I said I don't trust online gender Does not main I don't awknowlege the girls to piss off the cry baby boys. They could stay the whole war and have fun no matter what. Instead they start crying and run like you. So what if it got mixed up. The event supposed to be for fun. Why not salvage it and continue the fun. I used to SWAR started with 7 vs 15 and toward the end mercs comes and end up 70 vs 100 and we still finish the war. Ending a war because got mixed gender is just stupid cry babies. That's what KAW have become like you Balle a cry baby.
  4. By your logic there are no girls...
  5. Girls won and I have no proof they truly are girls. I even if they send me boobs pics I still don't believe they are girls. Those things can be transplanted too. So what is your point?
  6. Such a long time yet and still no better comeback. Go on hitting EBs and trolling the forum with your "wisdom"
  7. That's a shame, people suck. It was an 8 hour war let them be for the time being.
  8. _balle_ because it's the truth. You are a war runner in every war. I still don't get it with your cowardness you join YAFI. When you are iG YAFI was your farm and now tack your tail and bowed to them. That's just total cowardness. I will never join my enemy. I rather be alone fighting rather than lost my pride and join them
  9. Maybe some identity there gender not based on twig n berries lmbo
  10. Says the war runner with IDD tags freeloading off new age. Priceless
  11. I choose gender the colour of their scarf and which side the earing