Women VS Men Annual SWAR

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  1. 2017 women vs men war:
    Beauty vs Beast
    Round 2

    Date: Sunday, January 8th

    Time: 10am pst/ 1pm est/ 6pm UK

    Duration: 12 Hrs

    Clan Names: KAW Beasts & KAW Beauties

    Arrive in your respective clan 5 hours prior. We'll prolly run some eb's and entertain you.

    You will need to be active at the start and for the duration of the war

    (Yes- 12 hrs is a long time. Don't be a wimp. Back in my day, we did 48 hr wars barefoot walking uphill in the snow with only a cold biscuit for dinner)

    Anyone can join but your stats need to hit 75mil combined

    Alts? Yes, but only to even rosters.

    Strips? No

    PS? No

    Mith? Yes, must be activated BEFORE war start

    Kicking allowed? Yes if rules are broken and/or leaks 2-3hrs+.

    The More You Know:

    How a System War (this thing) differs from an ATA sanctioned EE tourney:

    There is no knockout.

    System war is like farming but is recorded with a war tax and all hits are logged for the duration of war.

    The winners get to pick a loser to be their date and the loser need to shower wc and walls with praises and proclamations affection (and other duties)

    Sign up here:

    Post this forum. Wait for an answer patiently.

    Credit to AshesOfEden
  2. Support  let's ruin the beasts this year
  3. Who won last year?
  4. You can't exclude the nubs, we're trying to grow the game not make it like highschool
  5. Beasts (Men).
  6. Imgfit pls

    Also we're doing Beauty and the Beast for our school musical this year
  7. Support!!! Let's teach the men of kaw how its done!! 
  8. What about all the other genders? Where's their war? #triggered #2k17

  9. Which one are you yoyo
  10. They dont matter so go troll a different thread
  11. Looking forward to it.
    Seaport and all maralarchy
  12. Catfish vs 40yr old virgins.
  13. Don't bother joining the wrong clan, I can smell the sweat on your privates through the phone. 
  14. 75m? What about the drop builds :(
  15. But who will the girls run to when they get inc?
  16. I would love to join this war lol, but I'm only 40m cs