New year's resolutions

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  1. Heh der kawrums :}

    Im shocked this thread hasnt been made yet so im just gunna go ahead and do it o_O

    New years resolutions 

    New year is often to poses people with this strange desire to give up something or make and effort to do something that'll better themselves.
    I dont understands why people dont just do this in their own way of life but whatever goats your float mkai :}

    We call this strange change of being a new year's resolution :0

    I participate in this despite doing it in daily life.


    Ive decided no more energy drinks for me :{

    What is your new year's resolution and do you have one for kaw too? :D
  2. So many people make new year resolutions but do not keep it. My new year resolution is not to make any new year resolutions
  3. I decided that I want to stop drinking chocolate milk

    That wish is prob going to last 2 hours....
  4. To drink more
  5. KaW resolution is to HFBC. Not sure if that's possible as it depends on when my osw ends.

    Real life resolution is to become a become a better shooter (guns).