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  1. Hey All!

    Looks like the new Star Wars movie will be called Star Wars VII: the Force Awakens




    I know that our wonderful people of KaW can come up with better titles than that!!!

    Let's suggest away really really cool Star Wars Titles shall we?

    Here's a few..

    Mutiny on the Death Star:

    The Sanitation workers go on strike to raise minimum wage and get better health benefits.. Trash compactors get overrun with monsters..

    All Quiet on the Hoth Front:

    The horrors of war absolutely demoralizes a young rebel snow speeder pilot

    50 Shades of Light Sabre:

    Lukes gets addicted to Bondage and Spankings

    Call of Duty: Stormtroopers

    You get to wear white.. And get influenced by others to say things like "These are NOT the Droids I'm looking for"

    Harold and Kumar do the Kessel Run:

    A stoner Star Wars movie!! Yea!.. This needs to happen..

    Episode VII: Red Aperiun Awakens

    A KaW Star Wars movie!! Yea!.. This needs to happen too..

    Snow White and the Seven Ewoks:

    Let's just say this is the type of Movie TIMDAFREAK likes

    The Brokeback Bounty

    A Gay Star Wars movie!! Yea! This needs to happen..

    Yeh JAWAni, Hai dewaani

    Wouldn't you love to see a Bollywood version where during a tense confrontation before Luke finds out that Vader is his father, a huge song and dance breaks out?

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Search for Spock

    Somewhere in the galaxy, a Star Wars nerd and a Star Trek nerd get their feelings hurt.. At the same time..

    ....and last but not least..

    Padme does Coruscant

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  4. The Outer Rim Job... 
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  6. Star Wars Ep. VII: Do you wanna be a jedi?

  7. Star Wars VII:
  8. Star Trek: Is better than Star Wars
  9. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.. And smells BACON!!!!
  10. Star Wars Episode VII: Just put Princess Leia in that costume again and we'll call it even

    The Good, The Bad and the Wookie
  11. the Ill Mind of Yoda 7. :shock:
    Where he questions his belief in the force. :lol:
  12. Star Wars: y u no lift bro?

    Star Wars: Redundancy
  13. Crouching Rancor Hidden Falcon

    A Kung Fu romance set in a galaxy far far away