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  1. Books & Music

    Hi guys! I’m not a pro at making forum threads like those of Ashes or Chocolate but here goes nothing! 

    Basically write down which song(s) you think fit certain books you have read. It can be multiple OR just one.

    Furthermore you can also add songs to books that have already been mentioned.

    I will try to keep a list of the books & accompanying songs (books sorted alphabetically on titles). Please stay on topic :)
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  3. The Unicorn Song by The Irish Rovers

    Fits into...

    The Bible.

    Right during the Noahs Ark trash, it tells the full story of unicorn genocide.
  4. Harry potter theme song in the Harry Potter books.Thank me later.
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    Star Trek music while reading a Star Wars book. Epic
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    You monster..
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    Absolute disgusting behaviour
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    115 to the walking dead books XD