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  1. FED EX

    "We come quicker than YOU"
  2. TOYS'R'US

    "Choke hazards 'R us"
  3. Lost it bahahahahaha
  4. McDonalds
    It's 2am and I'm hungry.

    The happiest place on Earth... If you're a kid.

    Yellow Pages
    Supplying fires since 1886.

    Burger King
    I'm hungry and there isn't a mcdonalds around.

    They melt in your hand, not in your mouth.

    Lucky Charms
    People only buy this for the marshmallows.


    "Buy a home and auto insurance combo and we'll throw in a date with FLO free"
  6. Macys
    We can't return that for u, but Nordstrom will gladly give u cash for it
  7. Oakley
    Our glasses make u look like u r going very fast even when u r standing still
  8. Taco bell
    Yep, it's a laxative
  9. McDonald's
    Chicken? What's that?
  10. KFC
    - Old Man Laughing For Nothing
  11. :lol:
  12. Pizza Hut

    Not as good as Dominos
  13. KIX cereal:

    "Kid tested, after 4 tablespoons of sugar... mother didn't approve. "


    "Watch more ads than video content."

    Chase bank :

    "Freedom (as you slide into our debt trap MUHAHAHaHAaa ) "
  15. Kool aid
    Dip your pickle in it
  16. YouTube:

    Start with cat videos, end with how ecstasy is made.

  17. This. Is. So. True.
  18. Xbox live - keep in touch with the 8 year old community

  19. Tommorow
  20. Legit 