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  1. OKAY.. Now that awesome PvP KaW Purge Blitz is over (We know who opted out), Let's get back to good 'ol foruming!!

    This game is simple and fun..

    Suggest alternate slogans for well know products and companies!!

    Let me start with a few!!!

    "Are you ok with Pepsi instead of Coke?"

    Bud Light
    "I don't want to get drunk and have a chick take advantage of me"

    "Breakfast while you are STILL drunk"

    "Music?.. What's that?"

    Victoria's Secret
    "When you are a classy slut"

    "Italian for expensive tap water"

    Hot Wheels
    "We sell more cars than all the other automotive makers combined"

    "Those are not the dwarfs you are looking for"

    "Come for Thighs.. stay for Breasts"

    "Buy oil or Dick Cheney will shoot your ass off"

    FOREVER 21
    "YUP you're on your way to cougarland"

    "If you can't pronounce it, you probably can't afford it"

    "Cos you're still cheap but don't wanna be seen at Walmart"

    "Cos you're still cheap but don't wanna be seen at Target"

    "Where you go to try stuff on before you buy online"

    "No sweatpants, No service"


    She wants to do what!!??


    Let the suggestions begin!
  2. Trojan

    - Helping men avoid the hassle of dealing with a crazy ***** for 18 years
  3. Rolex -
    If you need to ask the price, you can't afford it.
  4. Xbox Live-

    Find out who has slept with your mother.

    "When your equipment can't do the job by itself"
  6. Tiger balm (all asian parents do this)
    "Mom my leg hurts!"
    "TIGER BALM!!!"
    "Mom my stomach hurts"
    "TIGER BALM!!!"
    "Mom my girlfriend broke up with me"
    "TIGER BALM!!!"

    "Where a Korean barista writes a Christian name of a Chinese customer, who can't pronounce "Venti half sweet hazelnut chai latte", wrong on the cup...

    ...and gives them a small decaf coffee"
  8. "Mommy, someone just farmed me on KaW"

    "Mommy, DirtyLarry posted "NO SUPPORT" on my thread"

    "Mommy, The Mage just reset my Greaves"

    "Mommy, Alison just farmed me and dropped her build so I can't hit her back"

    "Mommy, I just got stripped naked"
  9. Nature Valley granola bars-

    Crumbs, crumbs everywhere!
  10. WATER SUPPLY COMPANY. : "we dig wet holes"
  11. Walmart - "Save Money, Buy better products later"

    Nike- Fall Apart after 3 days in a welding shop (personal experience, stepped in dog **** with my boots and had to wear my shoes)

    Disneyland - the fakest place on earth.

    Hallmark- $5.99 for a mass produced card. Enough said.

    McDonalds. "weight, I'm gaining it"
    Burger King. "Have it your way, as long as it is on the menu otherwise we charge an extra quarter for ranch dressing."
    KFC- "Out of chicken, try Popeye's" (see willy's KFC thread!

  12. Literally had like 50 brand names that got cut off. I guess by an accidental ampersand!
  13. Starbucks
    "The whitest thing since snow"
  14. PUP!

    Disneyland is real!!!

  15. Nike
    "You think you are faster"

    "Look what happened to us when YOU don't rewind!!!"

    *Who here remembers trying to hook up at a Blockbuster store by hanging out at chick flick sections?
  17. Snickers: "Ferguson, eat a snickers. You act like a thug when you're hungry
    Snickers Satisfies"
  18. Blizzard- Raid our Dungeons while we Raid your wallets

    paint stripper- because yafi dosent cut it

    Buckshot- simple solution to silence a moose
  19. Lmao :lol:
  20. EA - "Buy half a game for $60! So that you will have to buy the rest of the game as DLC for another $20-$30."