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  5. Code of the Aztec Warriors


    The Code of the Aztec Warriors is a code of conduct that is an "ethical guide" and a Aztec directive consisting of six articles to members of the Aztec Warriors addressing how Aztec Warriors will conduct themselves in kaw.

    1. Code of the Aztec Warriors
    a. As a member of the Aztec Warriors, you are protecting your Empire. It is your duty to oppose all enemies of the Aztec Warriors in combat. Your behavior is guided by the Code of Conduct, which has evolved from the heroic lives, experiences and deeds of Ancient Aztecs in warfare.
    b. Your obligations as an Aztec Warrior result from the traditional values that underlie the b1. Warrior code of honor. These values are best expressed in Warrior code:
    The Aztec warrior culture emphasizes battle and war and greatly prizes feats of arms. Warrior cultures  incorporate a cult of personality around military leaders, are ruled by an elite warrior class, and have a warfare based economy.

    c. Just as you have a responsibility to your Empire under the Code of Conduct, the Aztec Nation has an equal responsibility—to keep faith with you and stand by you as you fight for the Aztec Empire.
    d. To live up to the code, you must know not only its words but the ideas and principles behind those words.
    e. This pamphlet contains the code, an explanation of its principles and a statement of the standards expected of you.
    f. The Code of Conduct is an ethical guide. Its six articles deal with your chief concerns as an Aztec in combat.
    i.                 The Code of Conduct for members of the Aztec Warrior Forces of the Empire has been created by Moctezuma ruler of the Aztecs.
    iii.             This ancient code and time–honored concepts and traditions that date back to the days of the Ancient Aztec Culture.
    2. Code of Conduct I
    a. I am an Aztec Warrior fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.
    b. All men and women in the Aztec forces have the duty at all times and under all circumstances to oppose the enemies of the Aztec Warriors and support our interests. In training or in combat, alone or with others.
     3. Code of Conduct II
    a. I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.
    b. As an individual, a member of the Aztec forces may never voluntarily surrender. When isolated and no longer able to inflict casualties on the enemy, the Aztec soldier has an obligation to evade capture and rejoin friendly forces.
    d. The responsibility and authority of a commander never extends to the surrender of a command to the enemy while the command has the power to fight and evade. When isolated, cut off or surrounded, a unit must continue to fight until relieved or able to rejoin friendly forces through continued efforts to break out or evade the enemy.
    4. Code of Conduct III
    a. You can only Attack an enemy 5 times maximum per hour in peace time.
    b. During war time the 5 max attack rule does not apply.
    5. Code of Conduct IV.
    a. I will follow the chain of command and the orders of the leadership of the Aztec warriors.
    b. If the senior is incapacitated or is otherwise unable to act, the next senior person will assume command.
    6. Code of Conduct V.
    a. I will evade answering questions by enemy forces to the utmost of my ability. I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to the Aztec Empire and its allies or harmful to their cause.
    7. Code of Conduct VI
    a. I will never forget that I am an Aztec Warrior, fighting for the Empire, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which founded the Aztec Way of life in Kaw. I will trust in the Gods of Kaw and in Moctezuma ruler of the Aztecs
    b. A member of the Aztec Warriors remains responsible for personal actions at all times.
    c. A member of the armed forces has a continuing obligation to resist all enemy’s of the Aztec warriors and to remain loyal to the Aztec Empire.
    d. All actions of warriors will be reviewed and evaluated.
    The purpose of such review is to recognize meritorious performance as well as to investigate possible misconduct. Each review will be conducted with due regard for the rights of the individual and consideration for individual circumstances.
    Thank you Moctezuma ruler of the Aztec Empire

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