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  2. To post pics use...


    "BBCode full linked"
  3. The formatting makes me wanna vomit. When I came back to KaW, I wanted to make like, an AMAZING thread to kind debut. Make it shiny and interesting. Like. MGTD level of awesome. Then I seen it had fallen apart and I was so sad.
  4. The formatting sucks but that's not what killed forums. Mods killed forums.
  5. That makes me sad. When I was in forums back in forums prime days, I got trolled and flamed a LOT. Then when I quit the game, I obvs quit forums. And when I rejoined the first thing I did was check in here and it was a ghost town. And then I had some of the same flamers and trolls ask me to revive forums and I’m like. Forums need a community. I can’t just decide to fix it. Nothing I alone can do will fix this.
  6. Yeah but it has to start somewhere with something, someone. You said you were working on a thread. If it's done or when it's done post it. I have a few in the works.👍

    .....if mods decide to be as petty as they were previously and cherry pick whatever/whomevers thread they want locked or banned then I really will never come back after this time (lol). Either way ...if they decide to kill forums like they did before its entirely on them and this time no one to blame for it but themselves.

    ...and it'll be painfully obvious this time to anyone that was around before.

    A Bacon Love Story
    Part.31 coming soon

    "The return of Todd Bacon; Handsome King of the Enchanted Forest"
  7. Yeah? 😜
  8. I'm surprised this thread is still going. 600 pages strong