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  1. im not on pc
  2. I meant the bantering
  3. Oh! just realized that
  4. I would like to say, I just charmed an OMET.
  5. Nope. Just did it because got bored
  6. Nah. I don't believe you. It's cause of me.
  7. 
  8. Well this died, did the morale police stop by?
  9. I noticed that you have a coca cola soda machine in your kitchen fandoXD
  10. Lemme do my fb thing now. I'll find some pics. Bump with a pic when it's almost dead.
  11. Since nobody seems to be sharing their faces I won't either. I was volunteering at my friend's church for a Halloween event... and found a mask. She took a picture and sent it to me. 
    Not really a flattering picture but oh well. Hopefully it will get the thread back on track.
  12. Ahhh, why is it so tiny?
  13. That's what she said
  14. When I get my plaster mask back I'll take a pic and post
  15. :cool:
    That's all I'm revealing of my appearance.
  16. Nugget, thats my work rest area!
  17. Is anyone else going to participate? Otherwise IGCB is right.
  18. Fando I'm Gona come live with you!
  19. I would post one of my red or purple hair but idk how to and I'm on my iPod lol