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  1. Looks like you failed the twilight audition
  2. Omg lol.
  3. I wonder how many people who posted in the first year of this thread are still around..
  4. I think I still am but I'm not sure o.o
  5. Sup.
  6. Oh now I see the third gender
  7. Lol this thread still goin.
  8. yoooo
  9. yoooo as well
  10. Oh
    oh the memories
  11. Stunning necrobump. Always loved this thread
  12. is there any way to even post pics anymore?
  13. Same as always. (IMG)url.jpg(/IMG) but with [] instead of ()

  14. God, the things that happened on this thread. I almost credit this thread with my relationship with Wordwaster. *almost*
  15. Hey! What happened to my photo?!?[​IMG]

  16. I’d post a selfie if forums wasn’t so dead!
  17. chicken

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  18. Ew. Why did it upload in that format.
  19. Lmao the formatting discourages me even more